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February 2020 - Citizenship Applicants


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Dec 15, 2018
Finally!!!!!! received my Canadian passport today.

Submitted (in-person) Service Canada office Toronto: 20-Aug-2021
Follow up call Passport office : 21-Sep-2021
Passport received by Canada post Xpresspost : 06-Oct-2021

Total Process time: 6 weeks and 5 days

Good-luck everyone else.
6 weeks :eek: ? Too long


Jul 14, 2021
Finally got Oath invite for Oct 18th. Single applicant from Saskatoon

When would I receive the details about the oath ceremony?

Sent application Feb 25, 2020
App filed Oct 14, 2020
BG complete Jan 20, 2021
Test invite April 16. Completed April 28.
Passport pages requested June 23. Sent June 25
Decision made Aug 4, 2021
Oath update Oct 6, 2021 for oath ceremony Oct 18.
Jul 26, 2021
Slovenija, Maribor, Partizanska cesta 6
Citizensl Review of Romania

Romania is a young exotic country which is famous for its sights and culture. It is a south-eastern European country known for the forested region of Transylvania, preserved medieval towns, fortified churches and castles. Romania is ringed by the Carpathian Mountains. It borders Bulgaria to the South, Ukraine to the north, Hungary to the West, and Serbia to the southwest, Moldova to the east and the Black Sea to the southeast. The country has a predominantly temperate-continental climate. It is the 12th largest country in Europe. The country has a wide variety of nature from wild forests and snow-capped mountains to sunny beaches with golden sand.

The educational institutions of Romania are in great demand all over the world for their high-grade education system. Many big companies such as Oracle, Intel, IBM, Adobe, and Amazon have their technical departments in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. These big names are investing in starting numerous call centres, software development and Technical Support. Romania’s IT sector is noteworthy which remains attractive for business.

Additionally, the Internet in the computer is one of the fastest in the world due to which there is huge emergence of IT hubs, incubators, corresponding start-ups and coworking spaces for businesses.

The historical regions of the country have their unique specifics as each of them was a part of a different state or empire which makes Romania a kind of conglomerate of traditions with marks of different eras. The country let everyone find a place to live to their liking.

Ways to obtain Romanian citizenship

There are two main methods through which one can obtain Romanian citizenship. They are –

The first method is the naturalization method, which is a long and difficult path, where the applicant must:
  • be 18 years of age
  • have legally lived in Romania for at least eight years
  • have a good command of the Romanian language
  • have knowledge of the history and culture of the country
  • be law abiding
  • have a reliable source of income
If the person meets all the Citizenship Application Review requirements then he/she can obtain a residence permit, after that a permanent residence and eventually he can apply for Romanian citizenship.

The second method is the repatriation method where any person who can prove that he or his direct relatives were born or lived on the territory of Romania before 1940 can apply for citizenship, where one must meet these basic four conditions:
  • 18 years of age
  • no criminal record
  • submit declaration of loyalty towards the country
  • submit confirmation of his/her Romanian origin
The repatriation method is the simplest one.

NOTE: An official marriage with a Romanian citizen gives the spouse the right to get a residence permit. In this case, the total period of naturalization is 5 years.

Citizensl will carry out all the paperwork checks and digitization and will let you achieve the final result within 8 to 14 months. Our team of experts will carry out archival work to find evidence of your Romanian origin. Thus, with us, one can get his/her work done without any delays.

Our previous clients had left us with positive feedback. Therefore, be assured of our services.

To know more, contact us! Leave your queries and comments in our mail box.



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Mar 21, 2016
Hi All,,
I just received my oath date invite. It's scheduled for the 16th of October, 2021.

Finally, the journey is almost at an end. Please update the spreadsheet.
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Oct 3, 2013
Visa Office......
NOC Code......
App. Filed.......
Doc's Request.
IELTS Request
Along File
Med's Request
Med's Done....
Passport Req..
PPR1 05-10-2014 & PPR2 17-11-2014 (Submitted: 18-02-2015)
6 weeks :eek: ? Too long
Yes! For most of the applications in Toronto, unless it's not urgent, timeline is 6-8 weeks.
I was not in a rush to travel anyways, now I have few extra weeks before renewal in next 10 years. LOL.
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Sep 13, 2016
Got my language skills, physical presence, prohibitions changed to "Completed" earlier today. Hope I get a call for my oath ceremony soon.


Jul 2, 2021
Just received my citizenship oath ceremony date which has been scheduled for the 21st October! All the very best to everyone else still waiting for their oath and test dates and a big thank you to everyone that has been contributing on this forum. It has been great help for me :)


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Jun 8, 2015
How long does it take for the Citizenship Certificate to arrive ? I requested urgent shipping but it has been 4 days and I haven't received it yet. The IRCC Office is Kitchener and I am in Halton Hills.
Is travel plans a valid reason to ask for urgent citizenship certificate? How did you ask request for urgent shipping?