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Extending Health Card while waiting BOWP and PR

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by prapplicant1, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to extend my health card. Let me explain my current status:

    Right now my current work permit will end Jan 03. I have a health card which has the same end date. (I am working in a full-time job that's how I got the health card)

    I applied PR (CEC) a couple of months ago and have AOR letter. By using AOR (acknowledgment of receipt letter), I applied BOWP. Right now both are pending.

    I tried to extend my health card by using AOR but they did not accept it. I checked service ontario web site and it has the following information.

    I thought it covers me. Is there any way to extend my health card? And also is there any eligibility letter, asked about it but could not find anything.

    Thanks for your help.


    For applicants for permanent residence
    • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) letter (IRCC used to be called Citizenship and Immigration Canada, or CIC). The letter must:
      • be on IRCC letterhead, addressed to you as applicant
      • state IRCC has confirmed you are eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada
    • IRCC document (e.g. work permit, visitor record, temporary resident permit or study permit), with a note confirming all three of the following. You have:
      1. applied for permanent residence
      2. met the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent residence
      3. have not been denied
  2. I am in similar situation - currently on implied status in British Columbia.

    Health insurance BC does not recognize implied status hence did not extend my coverage. There are loopholes in the system, some are accepted other denied. I got private insurance in the end.
    I guess when BOWP is approved, I can reinstate provincial coverage and get refund for any medical expenses during implied status.

    I don't understand, if I am getting refunded why not approve for coverage during implied status.
  3. You won't be refunded.

  4. I guess
    I will buy private insurance as well. Where did you buy it? I checked a few of them but just found the only one which is likely provincial (ontario) one.
  5. Wait for your BOWP arrive and then extend health card...no exception

    rbc, sunlife, manulife etc
  6. And for the refund, service ontario told me that there is a section in the work permit that shows it (if you have such an option). I do not remember the part, but i do not see anything about it on mine. So, there is no refund for me.
  7. Manulife has it, checked sunlife but to get personal health ones you need provincial health card. I will check RBC.

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  9. There is NO WAY for you to get your OHIP extended until you get either new WP/ BOWP or PR confirmation from IRCC.

    The purchase of private insurance is the best choice for those who are waiting for the results of PR and WP extension applications. Travel insurance is referred. I have purchased private insurance that costs me around $100-110/month.
    Hope it helps
  10. Travel insurance is just for emergencies so people should be prepared to pay for routine care.
  11. I agree. i know one of my friend personally who is one the fence to shell out money for travel insurance while BOWP but I have seen an emergency costing $90,000 to a family. Not worth risking
  12. They told me, it covers walk-in clinics. When get sick for example cold or flu, you can go to walk in and it will cover it.

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