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Expectant Canadian Father, Pregnant Australian Fiancee.

Aug 5, 2012
My Australian fiancee is one month pregnant, however she is scheduled, according to visa stipulations, to return to Australia in one and a half months.

We are going to apply for the Prospective Marriage Visa within that time. Any advice? How to speed up the process? She is pregnant after all.

The paper work seems straight forward, but abundant. We are both working professionals and we met and conceived whist she was here on vacation. All in a short time period.

We are both able and keen to raise a family together in Australia as well. The sooner I can get over, begin working, and be with her during the pregnancy, the better.

I am also eligible for the Second Working Permit. Is that easier and faster to obtain?

Any help?

Much appreciated!,

Cheers!! : D


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May 9, 2012
Visa Office......
SYDNEY, Australia
Job Offer........
App. Filed.......
AOR Received.
File Transfer...
Med's Done....
Passport Req..
Hi Expectant Father,
Firstly, congratulations!
This forum is actually for people going the opposite way to you, coming from Aus to Can, so you may not get many replies. I have no idea about the prospective marriage visa for Aus, but I would suggest that if you are eligible for the second work permit then go for it, even if it just buys you time while you get the other visa sorted out. I know that Australia and Canada have a really good relationship with working holidays for each other so take advantage of that!!
Good luck.


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Sep 24, 2012
I never went through the prospective marriage visa, but I did go through the next step, temporary spousal and then permanent spousal visa.

It is long paperwork, but honestly it was quite straightforward for us. Make sure to keep the contact information for the people attesting to your relationship up to date, as the visa officers did call ours, and in one case both of them had recently changed phone numbers (one moved and the other separated from her husband) so the officer called us to get an additional phone number.

I BELIEVE the second work permit is faster to obtain, if you mean the working holiday visa, but I can't guarantee that. Someone else should probably chime in there.