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Employment Verification letter

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by warren, May 19, 2009.

  1. What if a former employer will not provide you with a letter,
    My former employer will give out a letter if comes from an actual organization with a release form from the employee or former employee along with the specific information that the organization is requesting.

    For employment verifications they will only provide dates of employment, positions (titles held) and rehire eligibility.
  2. Dear Seniors,

    What if the employer & employee had a dispute, hence the employer is not willing to give an experience letter/reference letter. Can the employee show contract letter for experience to prove he has worked with that organization???

  3. Hi,

    I think there should be some procedure to get the letter from employer. Even if you left the organisation sourly I think you can still ask them to issue you a letter. If they won't then write a cover letter stating the truth. I am not an expert though and seniors advice is surely recommended as second opinion.
  4. As far as I know,Normally, The Employer is bound by Employment Laws to issue you with a Certificate of Employment (reference)
    I remember while I was working in a Company in Germany my employer will not let me go for further training, which I thought, I needed badly (and he was not ready to pay for the training as well), so I resigned. And then he would not give me a reference, so I got my Lawyer "to request" for it. The employer issued the reference but obviously not the very best.
    Thank God, after the training, my future employer interviewed me only for 10 minutes and didn't even look at any of my papers or verify anything that was on my CV.
    Actually, they Laughed at me when they saw how heavy my file was (the one I brought along).(LOL)
  5. Hi,

    I had in the past worked in India and USA - worked as IT Project Manager in 2 jobs in India and one in USA.

    Unfortunately all 3 organizations are saying no to provide a detailed letter. All have provided a short one-line letter that state employment period and my designation. But none of them are ready to put my main duties on the letter. At one company in India I had given short notice and though I got relieved because I had enough leave balance and have relieving letter, they have a policy of not providing detailed letter. At another company there have been several changes because of the acquisition. None of my managers work there any longer and therefore human resources department is not ready to provide me a detailed letter. At the American company they do not have a policy of providing any letter other than the standard employment verification letter which states my start date and designation. All three organizations have said that if contacted they will provide the detials over the phone.

    In this scenario I need to proceed with written explanation and self-declaration of my duties. These will be supported by one-line letters that state my designation and period of employment. I can also submit other documents such as appointment letter, salary slips, training certifcates and work appreciation award certificates.

    Can you please suggest if this sounds fine or could embassy ask for more details? Please advise.

  6. Yes but no employer will ever issue a letter with all the details that Immigration Canada wants....
    Most employers will just issue a letter stating the name of the employee, position title and period of employment
    While Immigration Canada wants other rubbish on the letter such as duties held, etc .......

    How do you people deal with this?
  7. I am also facing the same problem. Please share your experiences in handling this situation.
  9. I read many posts , people having same problems they submitted letter of explanation with any proof that they have , like pay slips, contract ir employment ID cards etc and that worked. So if we are unable to get employer reference letter, we have always alternative options for a try.
  10. for Indians working in IT sector, there's hardly a chance that you'll get these letters form your employers.

    In fact, my current employer isnot willing to give even a one liner on the letter head addressed to any bank, etc as well... we have a reference letter generation system on the intranet, so the best we get is a black and white letter signed by a digital scan of HR's signatures :)

    but, i guess it's worth taking a chance... if you truely have managerial responsibilities in India in IT industry, then a chance og $550 or $1100 (for married person) should not be much ;) if it clicks, the returns are much higher ...
  11. I asked for a Reference letter from my 2nd employer, and they were straight in answering NO. They had no such policy for providing CIC standard reference letter. CIC needs some brain in this cases. Offices dont have time to do so for providing such services for their former employees.

    very good Discussion by the way !
  12. I also face lots of problems to get reference letter from past employers.....

    Please comment and keep alive this thread.........
  13. It depends a lot on your relationship with your immediate supervisor or manager, if you had been in good terms the he/she might be a big plus in getting you the desired reference letters from the organization you left already. It worked well in my case. My immediate supervisor had to put up a little effort with the HR people and letter was issued as I wanted.
  14. he is right..if u hv good relation u will get it...i hv 4 past employers and got it from all of them...Thank god..
  15. Should the Employment Verification Letter has to be issued in the recent past? I worked for an employer 5 years back and I have an EVL dated from 2005. Can I notarize a copy of it and submit or Do I need to ask for another letter again?
    Thanks for your response.

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