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Duration/length of IEC + insurance requirements for Australian moving to Canada


Dec 29, 2014
Not sure if this forum is intended for Canadians moving to Australia, which is the opposit of my case, but here we go.

I cannot find any information regarding the maximum duration of IEC issued. I understand that the issue length will depend on the immigration official at the time, so they can never say that 'an IEC visa is a year long'. But can anyone tell me whether the maximum issue length for an IEC visa is 1 year or 2 years??

Can you provide a link to a Canadian governement website stating such?

Would it be different for Australian citizens and British citizens (my partner is enetering through the UK program).

I also gather that we are required to have insurance upon entry, for our entire stay, covering medical, hospital and repatriation. Again, can anyone provide a link to an official statement of such?

Is there any kind of reciprocal health agreement between Canada and Australia or the UK? Or is the insurance required for ANY foreign national?

Thanks in advance for your help with these matters,



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Jan 11, 2011
Could find the exact quote from CIC but here's the extract from another source:


It mentioned the maximum visa duration to be 24 months for both Australian and UK nationals.

In terms of the insurance you can find CIC source stating the insurance requirement. |You will need insurance for the duration of stay so if you are applying for the whole 2 years - it's going to have to be a 24 months policy.


There is no agreement regarding health insurance - you will have to apply for private health coverage. In some provinces you may qualify for provincial coverage, but it depends on your occupation and employment.

You can look up the quotes online to find something suitable using an IEC insurance calculator at:

<a href=https://arbetovinsurance.com/iec-travel-insurance/>IEC Insurance Calculator</a>

or email directly at eugene@arbetovinsurance.com for a personal quote.