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Do we need Medical Exam for Visitor Extention?


Jan 12, 2018
hi, i am in the same situation for my mom’s visitor extension, it was approved but requires medical, however she had also another medical request for pr and we did the pr medical instead. Can that be used to comply the visitor extension medical request? How should I send them the emedical form and let them know there was a medical done for pr?i dont want them to cancel her visitor extension because they did not receive the visitor medical and we dont want to pay for two medicals if one is enough...
Did you get a reply for this?


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Jul 19, 2017
Did you get a reply for this?
My mom did not do the supervisa medical, we sent in the web enquiry the pr medical proof and they replied that they will forward it to the processing office, though i did not see online that they ever received it.


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Aug 15, 2019
HI, My wife just got her Spouse open work permit, she was here with me in canada on visitor status from last 6 months, CIC approved her application without asking for medical exam and she got work permit as well. After, she applied for TRV to stamp work visa on her passport and that one is also approved without asking medical exam. Is it normal because she already spend more then 6 months (implied status) and then got her work permit? or will it create any problem in future to go and come back to canada? Please suggest if anybody knows anything