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Do I have to file and pay taxes?

Discussion in 'Canadian Finance and Taxation' started by lkvilla, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. We landed in Canada on January 19, 2011. Returned to the US January 21, 2011. Got our PR cards on March 2011. Worked the whole time the US. No house, no money, no ties in Canada. Do I have to file taxes for the income that I earned in the US? Do I have taxes on it?

  2. Based on what you have posted above, no, you don't need to file a tax reurn or pay tax in Canada on your US income. You have not yet become a tax-resident here.
  3. Thanks for the respond. When do I need to file and pay for world income tax? Will I lose my permanent resident status if I don't pay taxes?
  4. Taxes and PR are two separate issues. Treat them differently.
  5. I have a similar question. I became a permanent resident in Canada on Oct 2011 but did not start working in Canada until this month (Jan 2012). All my 2011 income is from the United States however upon entering Canada this past October I opened a checking account, a USD savings account, and a RESP for my newborn daughter.

    Will I need to file a Canadian tax return aside from my U.S. Return? Will I have to report my U.S. income to Canada if it was earned before I became a permanent resident in Canada?

    any guidance will be greatly appreciated

    Ottawa, ON
  6. When did you start living in Canada? You usually become tax resident in Canada when you move here to live. You do not need to report US earnings before this date. However, I recommend that you still file a Canadian tax return from the date you became tax resident, even if you don't owe tax. It can take the CRA several months to process a tax return from a new resident. Let them do it now rather than next year when you might be kept waiting for a refund. Some benefit are only paid if you file returns.
  7. Hi everyone,

    My background goes like this: I lived in Canada for 18 years, and up to February 26, 2011. My last day at work was Feb. 17, 2011. I left Canada on Feb. 24, 2011. I came to Iran, got married at the end of October 2011 and filed application to sponsor my husband at the begining of Jan. 2012. I intend to stay here till I can go back with my husband. [I'm not certain how long that would take, since our application was supposed to go to Damascus(13 months waiting) and for the political situation in Syria they are transferring Iranian files to Ankara (5 months waiting)].

    I don't have a house, car and relatives in Canada. Since I am out of Canada for this long, I suppose my health card has been expired already. My driver's license will be expired in mid-summer 2012. I have bank accounts with a little bit of money (a little bit of a thousand dollars) and credit cards.

    I am working here in Iran for the last 6 months.

    Do I have to file taxes? How does this one work? Am I a non-resident? Am I a deemed resident? I am thinking of sending NR73E(11) to ask CRA to decide whether or not I should file a tax return for year 2011. Can someone advise me on this matter.

    Thanks in advance.
  8. I am a new immigrant who came to Canada November, 2011.

    So far I just stayed here in Canada for 3 months and I am planning to come back to my country on 29, Feb.

    And I will come back to Canada 2 years later.

    And I have no income histroy since I came to Canada last year, November.

    Should I file a income tax?

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