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Daily Commuter: Vancouver / Washington State


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Sep 8, 2022
Got it. When you say minimal, what can that be? Yes, i do not have a border work location now, about to file an amendment and in a dilemma whether to keep a border location or not as that is little tricky like we discussed before.
I was just thinking to keep my status what if there is a change of my client in these remaining 2years. I will be with same employer though, what if i change my client, so i need to get back into States to file an amendment again( if that need comes after 1 and half year) and there will be deep scrutiny again, so was only thinking of these scenarios.
Hey I'm interested in doing something similar. What path did you end up taking, could you share your experience, tia!


Sep 9, 2020
Is anyone doing the commute between BC-WA currently? Or planning to? Would love to connect and learn more. Thanks!