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CSQ about to expire but just sent my PR application from overseas, can I still get a work permit? Please help me

Aug 3, 2020
Hello everyone!
I applied to the CSQ right before I left Canada back in July 2018 and it was approved this past 17th Sep 2018.
For personal reasons I haven't been able to go back to Canada but I was planning to do it early this year as my CSQ was expiring this coming 17th Sep 2020.

Due to the Covid situation I haven't been able to do it as planned but I still would love to go back to Montréal.
I've just mailed my PR application today and as far as I've been told, my CSQ should not be expiring until I get an official answer from the Federal Government.

But my question is, would I still be able to go back to Québec and get a work permit while I'm waiting for my PR or as long as I've applied from overseas I wouldn't be able to go back to Montréal until I (hopefully) get my PR card?
I really would love to move back to Canada these following weeks but I'm really not sure if I'm allowed to work without going through the LMIA.

Any help is much appreciated
Thank you so much!


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Apr 6, 2019
It's more like to be eligible for an LMIA-exempt work permit as a CSQ holder, you already need to be working in Quebec.