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cost of giving birth via c-section in ontario, without OHIP

Discussion in 'Health' started by kikokit, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. hi everyone!

    me and my family will land in canada next month (july) my wife is due to give birth via C-section in august... we are landing in ontario, so basically we are not covered by the OHIP because of the 3-month waiting time. because of this, may i please ask you knowledge abt the following:

    1. how much would it cost us to deliver a baby via c-section in ontario? even a rough estimation will do- many thanks in advance.
    2. are there any social services that we can avail?
    3. do i have to pay outright the full expense of the delivery?

    many thanks! the above concerns keeps me up late at night for weeks now...

    thanks a lot!
  2. Why land in Ontario? Why not land in AB, MB or one of the other provinces where you are covered from day one if you are moving from another country. The cost of a C-section I would assume to be around 10,000$ and maybe more if there are complications. I don't think you would have to pay up front but you might have to sign something.
  3. i have relatives in ontario, if my wife will give birth in alberta could we move to ontario about a week after she given birth? thanks so much.
  4. You could move to Ontario as soon as she is fit to travel and your AB health covers you in ON while you wait for OHIP.
  5. i have a similar situation. can i land in toronto then move to other place where health is covered...????my due date is in november and landing on 26th july..
  6. If you want to do that, then don't spend too long in Toronto. The other provinces cut the waiting time if you are moving from another country but if they see you as having lived in Toronto and moving from there, then they might still make you wait for coverage for 2-3 months as they do when people are moving within Canada.
  7. hi leon,

    i would like to know another thing. if i land in alberta. how long it takes to get health insurance card. also i saw that , they need proof of residence. if a person just landed , how can he give the proof of residence.
  8. I've heard of some people landing, opening a bank account and giving an address to the bank and then getting a statement printed out from the bank to show to the health insurance. When I came to Alberta, you could go straight to AB health and get your health card printed out on the spot but they have changed that now and you have to apply for it at a registry so you don't receive it instantly but your coverage is still from day one. You would just have to save receipts and claim it back from AB health if you had expenses between landing and getting your card.

  9. I work for the NHS in the UK; things like pregnancy should be pre-organised.

    The fact that you will land in one province to get free health care then move to another is a disgrace!!!!

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    No wonder Canada have such restrictions in place………look at the state of the
    Health service in the UK…..struggling because every Tom, Dick and Harry abuse
    the system.
  10. Calm down morning. Canada is one country with a freedom of movement for PR's and citizens. Just because they move to one province to get health care with an idea that they might move to another later doesn't mean that they will and even if they do, it doesn't mean that they will not live in the first province at a later time or that their children wont.

    Can you imagine if the UK had many different NHS's with different rules for coverage and what not? The result is a mess. Even Canadians move between provinces for better health care sometimes, even if they don't plan to live there forever. Canada should have one health care like the NHS. No confusion, one set of rules.
  11. I understand that completely, I work for one of the best if not the best health service in the world.

    It is frustrating though that some people do use the system..........and that has huge consequences on people who are contributing to society.

    Just reading those comments…….that people are willing to change their plans and move to a different province just to get free healthcare, it is alarming and somewhat annoying.

    Look at the state of England...........They should learn from Canada!
  12. What Exactly does the OHIP cover? The only information I can get is what they don't cover or part cover!!!
  13. I thought, though I could be incorrect. That OHIP covered all health care services. I'm not sure when you need referrals and things of that nature... but it does not cover prescriptions.
  14. They cover your visits to the GP and if you need a specialist, the GP needs to give you a referral and the specialist visit is covered too. If you have to go to hospital, that is covered as well. You probably will have to pay if you prefer to have a private room in the hospital and in some cases if you want a TV in your room. You may have to pay if you go with an ambulance. You have to pay for dentists and you have to pay for your medication.

    Most employers have a supplementary insurance plan for their employers. You might be paying anywhere from 0 to $50 a month for it and it will cover some of the other things that OHIP doesn't cover like dentist, medication, glasses, hearing aids, dentures, private or semi-private room if you go to a hospital, massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, physio etc.

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