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COPR Valid for a month only?!!!!!

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Zexter, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone,

    we are in a bit of a dilemma and would appreciate all the feedback. We are residing in Kuwait and our medicals are due to expire on the 19th May. We gave our passports to the Abu Dhabi VAC on 9th March through the local VFS and found out yesterday that the same has been dispatched. On the other hand, just got an update in my CIC profile which says that our counterfoil is valid from 16th April to 19th May. Thats too short a time especially considering the circumstances when it comes to leaves and travel in the GCC countries. I also understand from the CIC Operating Manuals (OP 1) section 5.28 that "Sometimes, due to factors beyond their control, applicants receive visas that are valid for less than two months. If they cannot travel before their visas expire, officers should update whichever requirement (e.g., medical) was used to set the visa validity. When a new validity date has been obtained, a new visa will be issued." IS there any way to extend these visas?? We wanted to leave Kuwait for good, that plan is out of the window now. But it also looks like a soft landing with adequate time is impossible in a span of 4 weeks only. Anyone going through this as well???
  2. Your COPR expires when your medicals expire.

    You can try to raise a case-specific enquiry and ask for the visa to be extended and you will likely be asked to re-do your medicals.
  3. Thanks k.h.p. Have already raised the issue with Ottawa office and look forward to receiving a reply in our favor.
  4. Did you got your COPR extended? How did you do?
  5. Zexter was last seen: Apr 18, 2019. You may not get any response.
  6. Yes we did. Got ours extended for a year without needing to submit new medicals. I have come to understand that the Canadian authorities are not there to shoot you down but rather address each specific case on its merits. I explained our situation to them and they were kind enough to come back to us asking us to resubmit our passports for a new visa.
  7. which office did you write to?

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