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COPR this week?


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Jun 2, 2020
i don't know what's the reason for delaying application once everything is already assessed and passed? its too frustrating..atleast something is in process then we can understand but its already passed and still we have to wait..its too much frustrating things ever. they always give covid reasons but i don't thinks so this is real reason behind it..bcz i have seen many applicants received copr in just 5 months..so may be we can assume that some officers doesn't want to work ..

Yes, its frustrating but again dont want to be give out sarcastic remark and spoil my holiday mood. Lets pray 2021 is better for everyone


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Aug 28, 2019
To answer all questions.

AOR : March 27th
Medical passsd: May 27th
Biometric updated on 13th October
Approved on 4th November
COPR on 24th December after so many follow up.
Was your approval updated in the system in 4 Nov? My application is approved on 28 Nov as per agent... nothing on cic account.