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COPR and coronavirus


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Mar 9, 2017
Visa Office......
Nova Scotia
AOR Received.
October 2019
My husband is Primary applicant
Our medical and copr expired in march 2021, hence due for renewal
Ghost update: application updated when opened it showed approved. This happened twice.
Application is active only.
Yeah I am also expecting some good news.
what about you??
No idea yet. Staying positive that an approval is coming soon.


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Apr 19, 2021
I am VO ottawa and i received that email in Jan 2021. No email after that. I dont even know if anyone from VO Ottawa has received anything recently.
I am VO Ottawa.. after an email in december to which i said i wasnt willing to travel, i got my next and last email in the beginning of june, remedicals in the beginning of august and passport request by end of august... i hope u r chking your junk folder too.. would also suggest to contact ircc by webform or call..


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May 11, 2021
Got any generic reply? I got non so I am kind of little worry if the email rearched them? When expect Remedical anybody suggest?
No, I didn’t receive any acknowledgement from their side. A few days later I saw that the counterfoil and biometrics info from my profile had vanished and the status was changed.


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Sep 11, 2020
Thanks, here all good, got pr card in 2nd august, health card, and waiting for driving test, kids are going to school, setting a business plan,Canadian ppl also very friendly.hope you will come soon.best wishes for you.
Wow…great. Feels good to see the positive update. Enjoy your new life & best wishes for new business. Hopefully I will travel by first quarter of next year. Thanks.


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Jan 18, 2020
This is what it said
We are at the end of the process for your application for permanent residence in Canada. Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, IRCC has had to stop in-person services to protect the health and safety of clients and employees. The Department has come up with innovative ways to conduct business. Confirming permanent residence (PR) status without an in-person interview through a new and secure PR Confirmation Portal is one of these new improvements we are happy to offer you today.
Through the PR Confirmation Portal:
 You will confirm you currently live in Canada
 You will provide your current address in Canada (we’ll send your permanent
resident card in the mail to this address)
 You will submit a recent photo (JPEG or PNG formats are accepted) which we’ll use
to print your PR card
 IRCC will upload your document that proves your new PR status you will be able to
use this document while you wait for your first PR card that will come to you in the mail
Important notes:
 You and every dependant included in your application need to be in Canada to use the portal. If you or one of your dependants currently live outside Canada, let us know by replying to this message: IRCC.ClientPortal- PortailClient.IRCC@cic.gc.ca.
 You, as a client, will have to access the portal yourself. If you’re a representative receiving this message, please forward this email to the clients you represented for their PR application until they were approved.
 A principal applicant can have more than one profile under their account in this portal. As the principle applicant, you’ll act on behalf of your minor dependants. Profiles for your dependants, who were under 18 years of age at the time you applied for permanent residence, will be created under your profile.

 Other dependant(s) included in your application, including a spouse/partner and dependants 18 years old or older at the time you applied for permanent residence, can either:
o Allow IRCC to create their account under your principal applicant account. You will then act on behalf of them.
o Give their own unique email address (e.g. gmail, hotmail, etc.) for IRCC to create a new account and complete the steps on their own.
Let us know:
You must inform us immediately via the IRCC webform of any of these changes:
 marriage or common-law union, divorce, annulment, legal separation
 death of
o the sponsor
o the principal applicant or
o any accompanying family member
 birth or adoption of a child, including grandchildren born to dependent children
 you (the principal applicant) or any of your family members have been charged or
convicted of a criminal offence
What you need to do next:
 Reply to this email (IRCC.ClientPortal-PortailClient.IRCC@cic.gc.ca) and give us your personal email address.
 Confirm which option (A or B) in section 3 above you are choosing for your other dependant(s) included in your application (spouse/partner and 18 years or older at the time you applied for permanent residence):
o If option A, no further email addresses are needed.
o If option B, provide a unique email address for every dependant included in your application (spouse/partner and 18 years or older at the time you applied for permanent residence).

 In your response, for yourself and for each member of your family, copy and paste this template and fill in the information (*verify passport for the dates and location):
 Name:
 UCI:
 Email (as set out in this message):  Original entry date:
 Date of last time entered Canada:  Location(Port of Entry):
If you can’t access online tools such as the portal due to accessibility issues or special needs, contact us by replying to this message: IRCC.ClientPortal- PortailClient.IRCC@cic.gc.ca.
Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada

I replied with the information requested, but for original entry date I put: residing in United States
Hi has everyone recieved this email


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Jul 20, 2018

My COPR was issued on 19th March 2020 and expired in Aug 2020. I did receive 4 pointer email in Sept 2020 if I want to travel but deny travelling due to travel restrictions.

So far I have not received any update or email after that.

I am an Indian Passport Holder but currently live in New Zealand. My COPR was issued from Sydney, Australia office.

Just wondering do I get the ready to travel email from Australia where my visa office is or it comes from Canada CIC?
Currently there is lockdown in Sydney, Australia is that the reason I am not receiving any email regarding my expired COPR?

Please advice.


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Jul 21, 2020
Has anyone tried adding new baby to the expired COPR this year - if so what were your timelines?
COPR issued on October 2020. Expired August 21. Notified IRCC about new baby on 19 July (Before it actually expires, we couldn't fly obviously due to the pregnancy). Next day reaponse back that our COPRs are no longer valid and they'll contact us once they're ready to look at our application. Nothing since then :)