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Contract agreement


Sep 11, 2019
I am in receipt of your mail with the attached filled application form that was sent to you. We appreciate your interest and willingness to work with Unique Universal Oil & Gas ltd. We have considered your profile and qualifications with your years of experience as the basis to offer you the position of LAB TECHNICIAN

Your appointment becomes effective after you must have gone through and agrees with the Terms and Conditions of the Company by signing this contract with us.

The Contract Agreement Letter is attached to this mail. You are to print, sign and return to us immediately for further official protocols if you accept the Terms and Conditions. You must know that we have few weeks to conclude our recruitment processes all the legal formalities being completed including the Visa and Flight Ticket processing period.

Unique Universal Oil & Gas ltd provides free accommodation that befits family size not exceeding four (4) occupants in its Staff Quarters for its employees. This means that you are not providing any accommodation for yourself throughout the period you shall be working with us. Your Flight Ticket from your Country shall also be provided as soon as your visa is ready while you bear the cost of your Visa Fee.
Best Regards,
Yours Faithfully,
Tom Philip
Director of Human Resources
Tel: +13654002569/+17052309329
The send me the agreement letter
That I have to sign it but I don't know how to upload it here
Pls I want to know how authentic it is
This is their email addresses: uniqueuniversaloilandgas04@gmail.com
And of there is away i can upload the contract


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Mar 22, 2016
As per russ6970 this is a fake job offer given no employer is going to provide free accommodation and flights.

Also employers would not use gmail for correspondence they would have their own internet domain. Although be aware that fake job offers also can come with fake internet domains and fake websites. Usually if a website domain has only been setup in previous few months almost certain to be a fake job offer.