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Cheapest & best Phone & Internet in Canada >>>

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by qorax, Jan 15, 2012.

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    Cheapest & best Phone and Internet in Canada

    Homephone: $29.99/month
    (Unlimited Canada, US and 60[size=14pt]* other countries)[/size]
    - Standard Telephone equipment on your table
    - With a local telephone number, or port your current number
    - Caller ID, Voicemail, Call forwarding / Call waiting etc.
    - Fax machine port
    - Free Modem

    Internet: $36.99/month
    (Unlimited, no 'data cap', no fair-share'. 100% Unlimited Internet)
    - Hi-speed connection, HD-TV quality with Wi-Fi
    - Stream internet content to your smart-TV
    - Watch movies just like DVD / Blue-Ray disc
    - Parallel ports to connect all your gaming equipment
    - Free Router

    *Calling Destinations

    (1)Canada*, (2)U.S.*, (3)Andorra, (4)Argentina, (5)Australia, (6)Austria, (7)Belgium, (.8.)Brazil, (9)Brunei, (10)Darassalam, (11)Bulgaria, (12)Chile, (13)China*, (14)Colombia, (15)Croatia, (16)Cyprus, (17)Czech Republic, (18)Denmark, (19)Estonia, (20)Finland, (21)France, (22)Germany, (23)Greece, (24)Guadeloupe, (25)Guam*, (26)Hong Kong*, (27)Hungary, (28)Iceland, (29)India*, (30)Ireland, (31)Israel, (32)Italy, (33)Japan, (34)Latvia, (35)Luxembourg, (36)Malaysia, (37)Martinique, (38)Mexico, (39)Monaco, (40)Netherlands, (41)New Zealand, (42)Norway, (43)Panama, (44)Peru, (45)Puerto Rico*, (46)Poland, (47)Portugal, (48)Romania, (49)Russia, (50)Singapore*, (51)Slovakia, (52)Slovenia, (53)South Korea, (54)Spain, (55)Sweden, (56)Switzerland, (57)Taiwan, (58)Thailand*, (59)Turkey, (60)United Kingdom, (61)Venezuela, (62)Virgin Islands [US]*.

    *Both landline & mobile


  2. Master Qorax,
    I have decided to have this by March as we are landing in Toronto.
    Is it possible to have mobile connection also from same company?
    Should I bring mobile phone from India.
    You were suggesting N9 in other thread.
    Currently I am using E5.

  3. Yes, they have... however, for a newcomer it's better to go with WINDmobile instead... u'd be saving a lot [on monthly costs].

    The E5 isn't an AWS device... so it'd not work with WIND. Though u may use it with the 'other' providers - they do not work-out cheap. The wisest option is to get an AWS bandwidth phone, there r many, or pick-up one from the WINDstore for as less as $45.

  4. The two companies to check out:

    Wind mobile



    Of course, it depends where you are in Canada :)

    NB - Avoid contracts!
  5. Correctly advised.
  6. Sadly they do not pay commission fees :)
  7. LOL !
  8. Thank you Master Qorax & Baloo for your inputs.

  9. dear Qorax,
    if i want to register with your ACN high speed internet service, do i need to register with ACN home phone service at first?
  10. Hi Dr.,

    ACN doesn't provide standalone internet services. It's only for members who have a homephone with them. BTW, their internet price has gone up by $5 since this month, however it's still the lowest in Canada.

  11. thanks boss
  12. Its nice to know Wind mobile are in Barrie now. :)
  13. Their website shows it covers London as well. I've been a WIND customer for a year in Toronto; but pretty soon I will move back to my original work location in Sarnia. I pay $65+Tax for unlimited province wide calling, unlimited data and unlimited calling to Bangladesh (both landlines and cell phones). Surely, I'll miss it. If anyone knows about international calling feature to Bangladesh from Sarnia, please let me know.
    I've been a FIDO user for 5 years in past and CityFido doesn't have a 'zone' in Sarnia. Besides, it's nothing like WIND as its international calling feature only allows landline calling.

    One site to check coverage area by all companies:
  14. Thanks for the info.


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