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Caracas office

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in South America' started by Yojimbo, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. My application is being processed there, anyone care to share experiences?
  2. I'm about to submit my application in a few days... long road ahead. You must have your visa already or about to have it anyway!
  3. Well let me tell you something, I sent my application to Caracas office on june 2009, ( I applied as skilled worker with a job offer). On january 2010 I received a notification that my case is in process. So I am waiting for another sing.
  4. @ranchovet : If you have a job offer you should go to the embassy yourself and ask about your application. I applied in march 2010 and in less than 4 weeks I got my file number. No lawyers hired, but I think it's important to go there and push a little if you think things got stucked
  5. hello, if u have a file number, you can check your case online at immigration canada web site, on aplication status link on the right of the page.
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  7. tlll?? you have questions about the ccs office? or was that a typo?

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