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Canadian embassy Islamabad Pakistan

Discussion in 'International Students' started by 04el82, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. I believed that canadian embassy is only making money nothing else and refusing cases if you are geniun student also, my case refused even i proved my ties that all family in pakistan they are living here having, home, job everything.

    Same program available in the Pakistan i did bachelors in electrical engineering so i will do MASc in electrical and computer engineering not in biology, i believed this chiness visa officer in islamabad treated pakistanis like a dogg, she sould be honest and fare.

    if she has to refused my case then why medical has been done and interview.
    God Bless canada.!
  2. hey ..i think ur visa refusal is only becoz u dont have suffiecient funds ..25000-30000$ r not sufficient funds to study in canada...
    the reasons given to u r not genuine, u r bonifide student...becoz there will be no appeal..they just give these stupid reason that u will not come back as u know noone can prove that i will come back...

    i think reason is just u had 30,000$ in ur account and ur living expenses for one year is only $15-20k ...excluding univ fees ..so ur family also need money...ur funds r less than ur expenditure in canada..

    dont mind...this all just i think.but its logical...thx and god bless
  3. hello man
    if the funds will be less she will put check mark on the funds are less, i know there is no appeal it is better to marry prostitute go on visit visa and settle there.
    30,000 dollars for 6 months is 35 lacks pakistani they need bank statement for 6 months not for 6 years?
    are you okay?
  4. 23000 is two year tuition fees
    around 12000 to 8000 i need for books, transport, food etc..
    that was written in university letter it is not my own figures alright
    I am not dieing to go there i had been accepted in other universities also i will apply some where else.

    Every one who is applying for islamabad he is turn down, visa officer needs more training i believed
  5. these were reasons!!!
    1- Not satisfied that i would depart from canada after completing your proposed studies as i dont have sufficient ties to pakistan to ensure my return.

    2- Considering my employmentand academic history and the availability of similar programs of study in pakistan, i am not satisfied that your sole purpose for going to canada is to further my education.
  6. Hey embassy must know also people are not sitting up on the money people work and earn money as well and plus i had teaching assistance also 2500 dollar also which is quite hard to get it as well. All is better of luck.
  7. Even if you apply for work permit they will say oh same job available in pakistan why you like to go there cluster shitt!

    she needs more training dishonest visa officer, retard mentally some one already said about her on this forum she is chiness and they are narrow mind, for CAQ people send almost same documents, if i will apply from some other office i am sure they will accept me

    This chiness visa officer is big %%%%%%%
  8. Lets be patient,polite dspite facing hard & unfavouable decisions.
  9. she is wrong 100% i sent proofs and let see what happen
  10. I believed 10 years ago story was quite change and 9/11 was not happened and there was not much problems to go there and life was quite easier also, but now a days too much restrication, i never give up i am applying again but what she said to me about family ties and same program available in pakistan i was not statisfied people remain slient and never reply them back i sent her proofs that program is not available along with pakistani university post graduation program offer.

    Next week i will apply again and find out what will happen but i am not sure about what will come out but this time i will collect all information visa officer couldn;t know about programs what is difference b/w photonics and electrical engineering.

    I am quite sorry you were refused from USA as well, but it is quite tough now a days to get visa just all based on luck nothing else. We can keep try again and let see what will happen.

    I can try for UK, NZ or Australia? i have admission there also but process is similar like canada and takes time and who knows if you refused again we don't know about it.

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