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Canadian Citizenship for Nigeria adopted Child approved/ongoing at Ghana office

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by FR4Kids, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Hi

    i would like to hear from anyone who has an ongoing application for citizenship for their adopted child. my application has been at the Ghana office since June 2018 (13 months now) and i have not heard from them. i am a Nigerian Canadian.

    any one who knows the process, is in the process, or has successfully or otherwise, passed the process, pls provide any info and guidance. Tks.
  2. I am in the same boat as you, even not worse. I applied for my child since October 2017. Still waiting. I am also a Nigerian Canadian. I find it unfair how long it's taking for Nigerian adoptive parents to get their adopted children here. It's worth considering a class action suit.
  3. wow.. so so sorry. when you say you applied in October 2017, do you mean you started the process of Part 1 then, or you submitted part 2 to Ghana then?
    What if any information have you received from Ghana since they got your application? when did Ghana get your application?

    Are you based in Nigeria or in Canada?
  4. I submitted part 2 in October 2017. Received letter from them requesting for additional documents in June 2018. Still waiting for a decision. I don't know if you have been following the The BC couple's part 2 application case. They applied for part 2 in September 2018 and they ve now been issued. I am in here in Canada.
  5. Hello PrincessJA. yes i knew of the BC couple but didnt realise Ayo was now in Canada. Thats great news! i notice Parliament etc had to get involved. I am shocked to hear you submitted Part 2 in October 2017. That was when i submitted Part 1. I got Part1 approved in May 2018 and submitted immediately to Ghana. Its been over a year and they have never responded to any emails or asked me for any document.

    Can i please ask what additional document they wanted from you? i actually currently live in Nigeria.
  6. Pretty much the same set of documents we submitted to the Ministry of youths and children services prior to being issued the letter of no objection. Documents indicating the child was legally available for adoption, relevant document from the Ministry of women affairs (Imo State), Proof of fostering, police report etc.
  7. I didnt submit a police report. none was given to me by the Ministry of women affairs amongst their paperwork.

    in the past one year have you attempted to email them or get your gcms notes? The process is actually emotionally wrenching. i cant travel with my child so i feel caged. the worse is the silence from their end.
  8. Well police report is not routine. It depends on your circumstance. It is indeed emotionally wrenching and yes I ve written them a few times without response. I ve had to travel back and forth multiple times in the last 2 years. The assumption is that every adoption done in Nigeria is illegitimate until proven otherwise which is wrong and unfair. I am done writing them. I have handed the matter over to an Immigration lawyer here and they are on it. Mine is by far longer than yours so you might want to excercise a bit of patience. They have given Ayo, so they shld pick up the file of other applicants whose applications came in before theirs. That is called fairness.
  9. I do agree. What irks me the most is their silence. You have no one to talk to. They wont respond to requests which i ask the Canadian consular office in Abuja to send on my behalf. They wont respond to my own emails. i find myself checking for news daily. Its meant to be a 12 month process and they stated that after the maximum processing time have elapsed they will respond to messages. They dont seem to be doing so.

    i really would like to know if they would respond to your lawywer. any updates i would be happy to know, and i would be happy to share any news on my part also. i wish you so so well in the process. it isnt easy. maybe next time you are in nigeria, if you happy to come to abuja, we could meet up.
  10. Hang in there my dear. I ve been through hell and back myself but God is faithful. My child is actually in Abuja with family so we spent most of our time there. Hopefully we can meet when I come to pick her up which I am hoping will be soon. Best of luck.
  11. amen and amen and amen. Thats great that the baby is abuja based. i am also believing God for you that your next visit will be a pick up visit and we can meet up then.

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