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Canada PR address


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Dec 30, 2004
I am ready to move to Canada, i received our passports.
When we first land in, do we have to give an address? If not, how do we get our PR cards?
Also I have an IL, US drivers license, can i get a canadian license using my US license?


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Jun 30, 2005

mikeramma said:
when u arrive , u need to put ur adress so the authorities can send u the pr cards
If you don't have a Canadian residential address you have 180 days to supply one to CIC, or you have to re-apply for a PR card.
Dependng on the province you are intending to reside in and how long you have had your license, it is a straight swap. If you are heading to Ontario, here are there rules. http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/dandv/driver/exchange.htm Note you should get a letter from your licensing agency showing how many years you have had a license as well as from your insurance agency to show how many claim free years you have.