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Canada govt job seekers watsapp group

Discussion in 'Resources for Finding a Canadian Job' started by Aspirant_CAN, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Kindly add me +2348056916188
  2. Kindly add my number +971557189827
  3. Kindly add me
  4. Please add me+ 919513239314
  5. Add me +14258778246
  6. Pls add me +1 5038398181
  7. Please add me on this number 00918767677700
  8. Guys I see all ur numbers. Were u added eventually
  9. No, haven't been added. Was apprehensive to publish my number and as expected, was an unnecessary waste of time.
    Started getting spam calls from immigration agencies instead.
  10. Add me up group admin.
  11. My number is 03005006905...
  12. People, please stop posting your numbers on public forums. The person who has set up this post seems to be trying to collect numbers to misuse them or else has no idea that they are being misused. Either way, he could have posted an invite link to his whatsapp or telegram group if he was actually serious about assisting others.
  13. agreed. Its a waste of time and not safe to display your cell number is an open forum !!

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