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can i go canada on tourist visa,and change to work visa there?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by fgen, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. can i go canada on tourist visa,and change to work visa there? how to do change.
  2. You need to find an employer who will apply for a labour market opinion so you can use it to apply for a work permit. This usually does not happen quickly and in the meantime, you are in Canada on a tourist visa spending money and unable to work. It would be a more practical plan to expect to go to Canada to do some job interviews and then go back home. If that results in a job offer and the employer is able to get a labour market opinion and you are able to get a work permit from that, then you can pack up and move.
  3. do I need get this labor market opinion first,before entering the country as tourist?

    Is it not hard to get tourist visa when u say u to embassy my purpose visit is find job and do interview?

    Thank u for all.

  4. If you get a labour market opinion already, it means that the employer has already decided to hire you so you can apply for a work permit right away and therefore no reason to go as a tourist.

    If you tell immigration when applying for a TRV that your plan is to go to a job interview, it could increase the likelyhood of getting the TRV refused. It depends on how hard it is to get a TRV where you live. The main thing with TRV is showing strong ties to return.
  5. I go as tourist to Canada first. when inside Canada,I find way to get this labour market opinion.When I get this opinion,do I need to exit Canada and return to proceed before working there? or can go straight work?

    thank you for all this informations.

  6. 1. You have to find an employer who wants to hire you.
    2. The employer has to apply for the labour market opinion.
    3. If he gets it, he gives it to you and you can apply for a work permit.

    If you are from a country that is visa exempt, you can go to the US border, turn around and come back to Canada and get your work permit right away. You say you are not from a visa exempt country so that is not an option so your options are:

    4. If you have a tourist visa for 6 months or longer, you can apply for a work permit while you are still in Canada and if not, you must leave Canada and apply from the outside.

    You can start working after you get your work permit.
  7. Hi Leon,

    This question is for you :) (to the OP: sorry for hi-jacking the thread)

    I marked your response to the OP, NB: "If you are from a country that is visa exempt...". Can a TFW who is in Canada with a valid WP and a valid TRV, who wants to change employer, has obtained a valid LMO for the new employer, do a "flagpole" application too instead of sending the change of status app to CPC-Vegreville? Thanks.

  8. If you look at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/apply-who-eligible.asp#enter it says:

    You can apply for a work permit as you enter Canada, but only if you meet the following requirements:

    you are temporary resident visa exempt and
    your job does not need a labour market opinion from HRSDC (some exceptions apply) or
    you hold a labour market opinion from HRSDC.

    So it does say that you must be TRV exempt to be able to flagpole. However, I did hear of somebody who had a valid multiple entry TRV who was given a work permit at the border so you could try it before you mail it in. If they say no, you can still mail it.

    Also note here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/temp.asp the different processing times for online vs. paper work permit applications/extensions. For changing employers, paper seems to be faster than online submissions.
  9. Thanks, worth trying. Cuts down on the amount of waiting.

  10. there is a post related to your query. i read that your employer will help a lot in that case. hope that helps..
  11. but I hear companies not want trouble doing paperwork of employee.

  12. If they want and need to hire you, they will do it. If they don't want you or they know they will not get a LMO because there are qualified Canadians who want the job, they will not do it.
  13. Obtaining transcripts from Bharathidasan for wes evaluation canada

    Hi All,

    No where I could get info on how to get transcripts from Bharathidasan University so made my own visit to the university and received it in 5 days. Listing it down the steps involved.

    I visited Trichy and while reaching there I was holding all original certificates, 3 xerox copies ( I had both A3 and A4 version), WES request form and a requisition letter from my side. Requisition letter is a simple letter, requesting Uni Controller of Examination to issue transcripts.

    Bharathidasan uni only provide consolidated mark sheet transcripts. I did my BE so I was given 2 sheets of consolidated mark sheet. The charges are Rs 300 per sheet so Rs 600 is required in DD . There is a Bank available in the campus.

    Uni has an air conditioned student's grievances cell to guide so please approach them for guidance first. After meeting them enter a register at the desk then you have to meet Registrar. And after his/her review on the requisition letter you can submit the DD to Cashier. You can get the receipt for the DD. In Five days I was available to get a sealed envelope of transcript. They give a call to confirm if the transcripts are ready.

    Uni people knows about the transcripts and they explained me that the sealed envelope will contain completed WES request from and 2 sheets of consolidated mark sheets transcripts. All the corners were also got the Uni seal.
    However it will not be a difficult task to get transcripts so you do not have to worry at all.

    However I am yet to send the transcript as Im waiting for my Diploma transcripts.


  14. Folks – I have a very similar inquiry about a WP while on a TRV. Here’s my situation…
    1. I’m a PNP nominee.
    2. I’m outland (US based)
    3. I’m applying for Jobs in Canada ahead or in alignment with my planned move
    4. I have AOR (Done my medicals)
    5. I’m NOT from a Visa exempt.

    I plan on applying for a TRV to attend an engineering conference. If I get a job offer, I plan on applying for WP inside Canada, online on the basis of my TRV. Is this possible?

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