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best insurance during OHIP 3 month waiting period?

Discussion in 'Health' started by ldklk2, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. hey guys i need a private health insurance plan for 3 months waiting period of getting OHIP.

    I need one that includes dentist, general doctor, dermatologist.

    thank you
  2. Finding something with regular healthcare coverage will be extremely expensive and you will likely still have partial coverage. Getting a private dental plan for a year is usually is pointless because you end up paying almost all the costs so can't imagine 3 months.
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  3. so....what are you suggesting I do? not get insurance at all and just see a doctor/dermatologist or dentist if the need arises?
  4. Manulife is the best option considering all that you have said.
  5. Agree with canuck78.

    Just get regular private insurance that covers emergencies. I can suggest Allianz.
    They cover accidental Dental Repair up to $4,000 and have Dental Pain Relief Up to $500
    Or consult with a specialist (insurance broker or agent), tell them all your needs - they should know better.
  6. You should get emergency coverage and pay for any routine care. You can bring 90 days of prescription medicine with you. I would highly suggest getting any dental care done before coming to Canada unless you have secured a job with good dental coverage. You usually still have co-pays. Not sure why you need a dermatologist but your family doctor will determine if you need a dermatologist and expect to wait minimum a few months to a lot longer. Understand that some people wait a year.

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