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BC PNP Approved how can we extend our current work permits??

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by irishlydia, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Myself and my husband have just been nominated for the BC PNP. Our current work permits are up in June 2012. Do we have to fill out the change of conditions of work permit/visa extension forms and pay more fees or can we just do a flagpole at the border and show pnp support letter?? If anyone has had similar experiences let me know what you did?
  3. You could email your PNP Advisor giving your Certificate as reference and ask for a support letter that you could submit along with your Work Permut application. Your could apply your Work Permit either online or thru mail. Usually the PNP office sends you the support letter in a day or two.
  4. Are you sure you can't do the flagpole? My advisor said I could, but Vegreville is a better option as it's basically 100% for sure renewed. She said the border can still say no. Which seems ridiculous. I was planning to just drive down. My permit expires March. I better post it I suppose.

    The online thing was a joke - I signed up, setup my username, then it said to upgrade to the new system. So, I input my username, however it wouldnt allow the whole thing, it was too long for the new systems login page. (By one character).. I am a bit baffled!
  5. We ended up going through the border on way bk in from the states they extended our work permits until 2014. Apparently if ur Irish u can do a port of entry. I have the checklist of stuff u need. It's 150 each also! Don't mail ur extension application as there is a 90 day backlog.
  6. Hello:

    I was on a similar situation.

    I was under a work permit that was going to expire had the BC province accepted me but was still doing the CIC component.

    I left Canada (I went back home for Christmas) and when I entered canada shown everything and tried to get a new Work Permit.

    I could NOT and I had to send the request thru one of CIC web sites.

    I was told that depends on the Work Permit you've got on the point of entry they can renew, but depends on the sort of one you've got you can NOT renew it (I had a Vacation Holiday at that time and I applied for the Work Permit that comes with BC PNP).

    I don't know if this is 100% but it is what I learned after calling CIC that they block some Work Permits so that on the Border they can NOT renew them because they don't want anything "funny".

    But actually I was allowed to enter Canada and only had to go thru the web site and request the Work Permit and it arrived home quite FAST.

    Hope it helps.
  7. I came back from the boarder (peace arch white rock) today with my expired work permit renewed..Only got 1 year extension but it is quick. So, yes, we can extend our work permit from the canada-us board. I don't have U.S visa

    Docs they've looked at:
    Job letter with job duties
    BC PNP certificate/ reference letter


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