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Bank statement for visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by azh7018, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. My boy friend will be applying for visitor visa for canada

    please help me, because of some troubles, the amount of money in his all bank accounts is less then required for his visit to canada
    if i way see his last 6 month bank statement..... last 2 month bank balance is low.. other wise good enough

    So to avoid any trouble, and show sufficient balance can we show his fathers bank statement and affidavit stating he will sponsor his trip..... will this work ? if yes please tell me what we should write in affidavit exactly ???

    in addition, We will be including his(Boyfriend) payslip, form 16, epf, Noc from employer, last 6 month payslips, (apprasal and promotion letters also required ? )
    Detailed travel itinerary and air tickets

    he don't have any relative or friend in Canada so will be staying in hotel, for two weeks how much money will be enough...
    I have seen so many peoples saying 1000CAD per week.. is it true ... if you are staying in hotel ?

    help urgently required..
  2. Yes $1000/week is reasonable. If you think about it, depending on where you live, hotels can be almost $100/day. Also factor in other costs as well:

    Hotel: $100/day
    Food: $30/day
    Taxi/Public Transport: $30/day

    Total: $160/day, or $1120 a week. You can see already he's exceeded $1000/week, and we haven't even factored in personal spending. Of course these costs will vary greatly depending on the circumstnaces.

    Also if he's your b/f, why isn't he staying with you? And you shouldn't be buying air tickets until he actually gets the visa, itinerary is good enough.

  3. Its no nice of ...
    actully i am in india currently and will be going on study permit in fall, so i cant say he can stay will me untill i reach their
    mainly he is going on visitor visa... so he can help me in settling their and spend some good time together
    will it be ok for him to show his fathers bank statment along with his own.. which will aproox (4000CAD his and 20000CAD his fathers)
  4. Hello everyone,
    I'm new in this thread, can someone help me please?!
    I am sending visitor visa for my mom. About bank statement, for example; her statement activity in January, February, March has been great, but after that in April, May it wasn't that much good and again it's been good in June, So do you think that I can send the immigration Jan,Feb,March and then also June statement activity? Or it should be 3 or 6 or... continuously bank statement activity(like Jan, Feb, Mar)??
    I really appreciate your help. ;)
  5. They will look at his statement as the primary supporter. You can add his dad's finances along with an explanation from his dad in the introduction letter but it may not be enough. 4000 is on the lower side depending on how long he intends to travel for.
  6. It should be consequent 6 months.

  7. His travel is for only 2 weeks and we will be booking tickets upfront, so 4000 to stay their for 2 weeks
    and will attach fathers bank statement, if any unseen situation comes :(
  8. They will also consider that the $4k will be used for booking the flights. Which means even less amount for his trip.
  9. Buddy i am telling you we will break tickets upfront(before visa application), and 4k will solely be used for his food, travel and stay of his 2 week trip in canada.
  10. It will not make a difference. Better show ALL the money on the bank statement.

  11. ok thanks :)

    do Indians need medical for 2 week tourist visa of Canada?
  12. Nope.
  13. can you help me with one more thing,
    does the tourist visa issued by Canadian embassy mentions visa duration or not ?
    if not and is it default for 6 months from the date of entry if CBSA dosn't limit our stay

    is it possible that CBSA officer can limit our stay in canada upto less then a month ?

    I do have one more query
    tourist visa form asks for have you given any designated learning English proficiency test ? is it required for visitor visa ?
  14. Each visa has a validity period but CBSA officer decides the maximum stay the visitor can make on that particular visit. Often by default they may allow a 6 month entry but it can also be for less than a month. It will depend on the assessment they will make when the visitor arrives.

    A language proficiency test is not required for a visitor TRV.
  15. I have one more query, while i was filling the temporary resident visa form it asks for "Name, address and relationship of any person(s) or institution(s) i will visit??
    as their is no point of contact for him in canada, what we should fill??? as this is mandatory to fill :(

    Please suggest me ,,,..... should i ask for single entry visa or for multiple entry.. as i am not sure which has high chances of approval ?

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