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Applying for PNP via Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Services (CPNIS


Feb 18, 2009

I would just like to seek everyone's help and opinion regarding PNP via CPNIS. I am from the Philippines. Currently, I am an HR practitioner and my wife is a registered Nurse. We came accross with Canadian Provincial Nominee and Immigration Services. After the interview with their immigration consultant Mr. Ashkan Alemi, he said we are qualified with my wife as the principal applicant under Skilled as she has also her direct aunt and uncle living already in Canada. With this I would like to ask:

1) Is it really better if we apply for PNP under a representative like this?
2) CPNIS is charging us for the whole processing in the amount of more than USD4,000. Is this really valid?
3) Has anyone applied under CPNIS and was granted already visa under the Provincial Nominee Program?
4) What is the average processing time and immigrating to Canada in terms of months/years under the PNP?

I would really appreciate for your honest reply and guidance.


May 26, 2009
Hello there, Im a doctor and nurse in the phil. I also started out with cpnis, but i'm having second thoughts after i got my package. I may land in canada but without placement. I asked the probabilities from dr. alemi but he couldn't promise a job landing indeed since they are an immigration service not an agency. the good thing though is you will be a pr when you get there and you will have a lot of options. the glitch is no job yet which means your wife who is a registered nurse might have the edge of you two to get a job first because of the demand for nurses. i searched cpnis and they are located strategically around the globe with a good track record. yes they can take you there but w/o the job. so ponder on your options, if your wife can get a job in canada with an agency there will be no problem getting a pr status if the hospital or institution sponsors your family. in my opinion that is a better option as per advice of my friends who are nurses in canada. in the end though its your decision which path you take. whichever that will be i wish you the best of luck.


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Jul 26, 2008
Vancouver British Columbia
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