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Applying for Maternity and Parental EI


May 23, 2022

My spouse and I are expecting a baby and would like to better understand the application process for EI. Please correct me on my understanding below...

1. We each have to submit a separate application. The mother submits a maternity+standard parental leave application. Father submits a standard parental leave application.

2. The application can be submitted before the baby is born for both parents (but not earlier than 12 weeks of due date).

3. The application cannot be submitted unless you stopped work already (ie. application cannot be submitted in advance)

4. First week of benefits will not be paid for as this is sort of a deductible we pay to the insurance.

Also is there any benefit to applying for both parents benefits simultaneously to minimize the above deductible?



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Jul 29, 2018
Nothing via the Federal Government. Check to see what employer benefits you may have otherwise known as a top up , supplementary plan aka SUB
Everyone has the one week deductible, and it was recently reduced down from a two week deductible
Typically when individuals find out they are expecting they rack up their hours . Overtime etc , since EI payments are calculated on the preceding qualifying period hours worked .
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Jun 18, 2017
@Copingwithlife thanks! Is my understanding on the four points above correct?
1. yes each individual files separately.

2. Only apply when you start taking time off. Not uncommon for women to not work until delivery and instead start mat leave at 36 weeks or earlier if there are other complications or premature birth. You can’t apply way in advance.

3. yes can’t apply in advance

4. Wouldn’t call it a deductible more like processing time.