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Application photos - Appendix B

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by giggles1985, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Just curious here. I am thinking about what went into my application and I remember in the region specific checklist (for the US at least) they asked for photos with very specific requirements and they are adamant that these are NOT the same as passport photos. They are head and shoulders on a white background, the same as a passport photo but the dimensions are slightly different. I took their specifications to a photographer and showed them to her and she said she can't do that size and that everyone else who had come in for immigration used regular sized passport photos.
    Fyi here's the link that talks about them http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/guides/3910e.pdf - check out the Appendix B section.

    So I am just curious as to what kind of photos everyone else included? Did you just use passport photos or was a photographer able to make that exact (very specific and random) size of photo?

    Me, personally, I took my passport photos and trimmed them down a tiny bit on all sides in order to make them the correct dimensions specified in the checklist. I was very careful to try my hardest to make them straight, to make them all match, and to not look like they had been cut. It was a pain in the behind and I bet the IO doesn't even care what size they are ... but I didn't want to risk it. Who knows, maybe they do take a ruler to your photos - lol!
  2. LOL, I will forever have a vision of IO's sitting at their desk with rulers, while application files pile up all around them 8) :p

    We found a photographer that took the photos and cut them down for us (took him 2 minutes with a very old paper cutter). Would have taken us alot of stress and a few wasted photos to get it right I'm sure. As long as the interior measurements for position of head, background, etc., cutting down the photos, should be fine. That is probably the one thing that I haven't seen rejected since being on the forums, photos.
  3. ...honestly speaking, I used passport size photos on my own PR application in 2006, same applies to my husbands current application. I wonder if they are going to request for correct size pics...mmm ::)
  4. Now we know why it takes so long for them to process stuff!!! :eek:


    Nah, I really don't think they would notice or care if I had left them their original size. I'm just a stickler for details and following the instructions :p
    I'm just curious as to what people on here did. :)
  5. We found a photographer and studio that specialized in taking these pictures, as if I am not mistaken there had to be specific ratios for the photographs. They were definitely not passport photos from what I recall :)
  6. Immigration photos are not the same as passport photos. Its true, because they are used for two different uses. But as to size and measurement its just the same, as the studio photographer who made comparison told me.

    Immigration should have been more specific on the kind of pose or expression the applicant makes like should be smiling or serious. Like if the applicant showed his teeth on his immigration photos while serious on others like in his passport makes him look different.
  7. I just went through this with my partner in the US. We went to 3 different places (including the Post Office that does passport pictures), nobody felt comfortable doing it. One lady at Walgreens said she could guess it, and then we can trim it down to size ourself. We ended up going to a professional photographer with a studio and got them done there. $20 for 10 picures! He was great! And the pictures were perfect, exact dimensions!

    My Immigration Consultant was very clear in making sure we got immigration photos and not passport photos. He said it's grounds to send the file back. (Ridiculous!)

    The specifications of the face are slightly different from the passport and the picture smaller. Best to get the right ones!
  8. I think they are very silly for having these specific rules about the exact dimensions of a photo when a passport photo would work just as well for their purposes. Anyway my face from the passport photos fit the dimensions they say its supposed to so it was just about the actual length/width of the picture itself and I took care of that.

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