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Application delays on Kompass


Jun 14, 2014
Hey guys,
Just wanted to know if anyone has ever had delays or dramas while applying for visa via kompass?

I Lodged my application on the 6th of june and didn't hear from them for 4 days after i attempted to email them, then they sent me the letter on the 10th of june to let me know i had to pay the fee and lodge CV and copy of passport.
In the letter it says I had until the 20th of June to do it all which is 10 days from when I had received the letter but on the main application screen it says I have until the 16th of june to lodge the required documents and pay which is 10 days from the initial application date. So therefore I have 2 different dates.

Furthermore I lodged the requested documents and made a payment on the 12th of june in which i did the online payment via netbanx but the status of payment still says pending even though I have a confirmation from netbanx the fee has been taken from my account. I have sent them another email but i haven't even heard from them in regards to my first email. Now when i go to try and pay again it says the reference is already taken.

I'm confused because my partners visa application did not take this long.

has anyone had a similar issue?


Jun 23, 2014
Hey Dan,

Seems like you're having as many issues as I am & I think I'm a step ahead?! (lolSam from Boardworld)
I'll let you know if I can find some reliable way to get in contact with anybody from CIC.


Jun 12, 2014

Obtaining a Kompass account is obviously the easy part, and the rest of it is too. All you need to do as soon as practical is upload your CV, passport details and pay the fee. Once that's done, it takes about 10 business days for them to get back to you with a Conditional Letter of Acceptance. You then proceed to create a myCIC account with the canadian immigration government website and follow the steps there, which will include your Letter of Acceptance but no additional fees. After all of this is done, this is when you would be issued a Port of Entry letter to present to immigration when you land, who will decide if you'll get a visa and decide how long.

If you use the message portal on the Kompass account to make enquiries or whatever, just be patient, they do answer enquiries and they are flat out busy....i suppose.