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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by kayal, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I have applied under FSW category and my visa office is Kualalumpur, Malaysia.

    I belong to the "before June 26,2010" bunch - I submitted my docs to Canada in May 2010 and my complete supporting documents to KL in March 2011.

    My medical tests request was sent in May 2011 and all were done and sent in June 2011. I am currently waiting for them to get back to me on the request for Passport submission.

    Does anyone know about the time taken by KL office?

    How long do they take to return the PP with visa stamping?


  2. Hello Kayal,

    Nice to meet you.

    I submitted my application to CHC in Kuala Lumpur. Now waiting for my AOR. I'm applying under MPNP, Family Stream.

    I'd like to know the answer of your questions too.

    1st week of Sept 2011= Submitted application, received temporary AOR.

    Now waiting for official AOR and rest of the request.

    Kayal, i would like to know, did you call to follow up after you submitted each requested document? Or you go to CHC in person?

    I'm not sure whether should i call them to check when can i received my AOR and further request docs from them. Since the guideline said call to check will only slow down the process so i'm still thinking whether should call or not.

    Thanks! Good Luck!

  4. hi all..
    congratulation kayal.

    I have submitted my application private sponsorship( G-5) ) to CIC KL office 2 years ago) Nov 2009 and just receive an acknowledgment letter from them on august 2010 .. and there is no update from the CIC till now and the eCAS show that my application is under processing :( ..any idea if there a way to talk to them or try to speed up the process .

  5. hi,
    I am sorry - I have no idea regarding this class of visa - You can check online on the time taken for this class of visa - if it has already exceeded that time, you can visit them in person and check the status - no point calling them, unless you know the person you are calling or the extension number, the operator would not connect you.

    Even if the time has not exceeded - no harm in just visiting them in person to know the status - just insist on some timeline and say that you have other plans based on this - so request for some timeline or status.... let us hope they reply... good luck to you :)
  6. Thanks Kayal for your replay; actually I went to the office and met the receptionist and she said u have to wait the queue?? so I think it is better to write a letter and try to submit it when I go there and asking for appointment to meet the case officer get info from him..

    this is the only chance that I have..


  7. Kayal,

    The receptionist said wait is the only thing that i can do. Hopefully can receive the medical exam request soon.

    Good luck everybody!

  8. hi all,

    We got our PR visa in Oct 2011. However, my husband got a new Passport now.

    I was wondering if it is ok to carry the old & new passport and travel - (Old PP has visa but the PP front and back pages have deleted stamp in it - since the new one is issued) Hence I checked with KL VO - first they said fill up allllll the PR appln forms and bring old and new PP and it will take 10 days may be. I was worried to send the Passports by mail and again driving up and down to KL from Penang :O

    I called them again to clarify about the forms - then she said, good thing you called - you dont have to fill up any forms - just bring the old and new PP and DD for 30 CAD - we will stamp a new visa on the same day in the new PP :)

    what a relief - FYI guys - if anyone wondering about this issue


  9. Kayal,

    Go to CHC in person to get your visa done in the same day. It's worth to spend time and money drive all the way long from Penang to KL.

    Thanks for sharing this useful information to us.

    Wish you have a happy life in Canada!

  10. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/supervisa.asp


    some useful link- SUPER VISA If you are thinking about taking your parents and grandparents - now that PR is temporarily stopped for 2 years for parents/grandparents category - this seems the option.

  11. I believed that most of the people do not agree with stop the parents sponsor program. Due to the backlog, they force to stop it. I'm glad that they introduce super visa. At least we know they are doing something while stop accept the parents sponsorship.
  12. hi all,

    when my husband went in person - KL VO turned the plate around today - saying my husband is not the primary applicant - for transferring visa from old to new PP, it can be done either for only primary applicant OR the entire family together - secondary applicants cannot get a new visa separately.

    So, we need to do it for the entire family by submitting PPs, DD for 30 CAD per person + photos - same day service....

    so all of you make sure you submit your renewed PP for visa stamping - or else you got to go thru this....

  13. Kayal,

    Thanks for sharing this important information with us.

    Glad that everything came out fine in the end.

    Wanna check with you how much does it cost to do the medical exam for an adult?

  14. Hi,

    It was 220 per adult / 130 for children - I did in Penang with Oh Clinic - It is more than double in KL and many places. Ipoh is also cheaper.

  15. Kayal,

    Is it a normal medical check up? Like x-ray, urinal test, physical examination...etc?

    Thanks for your reply.


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