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AOR May 2019

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Connie828, May 15, 2019.

  1. I receive AOR on May 4,2019. Still nothing updated. Is there anyone got AOR in May?
  2. you just submitted it.. give them some time.. you will get medical request soon
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  3. Will change in job status have any impact on your application post receiving AOR?
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  4. It takes 4 to 5 weeks for update
  5. I received AOR on May 4,2019 too. Wish everyone all the best
  6. I just realized my digital photo size is too big. the frame size is 1712*2288. Is that too big? should I resubmit my photo?
  7. Sorry, I don't really know the answer. But I think if you update your job status online and your work experience meets the requirements of EE. I think that will be okay.
    Or you can call Immigration Canada to ask. If you call them, just remember call them in the morning, like 8:00 am.
  8. Hey guys,

    My husband works for TCS and they refused to provide experience letter so we provided below documents for work history
    1) Bonafide letter
    2) reference letters from 3 associates notarized on a plain paper
    3) Email copy from HR stating they cannot provide
    4) Appointment letter
    5) EPF statement
    6) Salary slips
    7) Compensation letters
    8) Form 16

    Also we were short of funds so we took 17000 CAD funds from my father in law, made a gift deed both on plain paper and affidavit and also mentioned it in LOE.

    What are the odd chances of our application getting rejected?
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  9. I don't see any issues with your documents..if you still haven't submitted your application then try to make the gift deed on a 500 rs stamp paper and if submitted then not to worry affidavit should be enough i feel
  10. Hi guys,

    In the documents I submitted, out of three reference letters, two letters have a scribbled date. The lawyer while doing notary over-wrote the date to change it. Also I have a small personal loan which was not mentioned in my bank letter.

    Will this be an issue? Will I be refused PR on these grounds? Also suggest if I should order GCMS notes?

  11. ITA-17th April
    AOR-20th May
    CRS- 473

    Thank you
  12. Hi.
    i am in a same boat as you are.
    i work in hcl and they are not providing me a reference letter.
    kindly assist me with a process of a letter from a colleague.
    is it on a plane paper?
    and how to do a notary?
    is it on a stamp?
    kindly assist
  13. Hi Everyone,

    I received my AOR on May 8th 2019 but so far there has been no update. i heard that the update for medical exam usually comes within 15-30 days. Is there anyone in similar situation?
    Also has anyone got that update if yes then when.

    Would really appreciate a response.
  14. Hi,
    I received my AOR on May 4th 2019. Still no updates.
    But I know some people receive MED Pass for 43-45 days. So let's have patient and wait. May be we will receive MED pass next week. Finger cross.
  15. Thanks so much Connie for responding. Fingers crossed :)

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