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AOR 2016-2017 EE PNP Inland >>>> All Welcome



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Dec 30, 2016
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Just wondering if they are sending PPR to PNP INLAND applicants from east coast to west coast as I saw most Dec AOR are OINP... (Just a guess during this boring waiting)
Is there any BCPNP Dec AOR applicant already got PPR?
I think we might be the next batch to receive ppr, probably next week.


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Jan 28, 2016
AOR Received.
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Not Received
Hi everyone.

We have been a silent reader on this forum for long while. Registered right now just to post this comment.

AOR - December 10th
OINP Inland

what time of the day


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Apr 17, 2015
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AOR Received.
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Aug 22, 2017
I have my GCMS notes that was ordered in April 12, 2017 and received it on May 12, 2017 as per notes I don't see much progress on my application other then Eligibility Check - Passed Candidate and Other Reqs - Complete Candidate and rest of the fields are blank AOR March 2, 2017 no update on CIC since the day of application submission PNP-Inland applied for my BOWP on March 27, 2017 it went On Hold same day I received GCMS notes which is May 12, 2017 and it is still On Hold as per the current update they working on applications received on April 03, 2017 which indicates that Final decision for the applications submitted before April 03, 2017 is already made and declared but I didn't receive any update myself and my work permit expires on June 23, 2017. Waiting is not issue if my employer can only understand that I am still allowed to work on implied status until the decision is made on my application which is the hard part to convince them even with the references :(


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Dec 29, 2015
AOR Received.
Med's Done....
Hello Guys,

My timeline is as given below -

Stream: FSW-O
AOR: 26th Feb 2017
Medical passed: 8th Apr 2017
BG Status - Not Applicable since 8th Apr 2017

Can anyone please explain what this status means (has BG started or not).
What will be the next status after this and when can I expect it to change?

Thanks in advance!


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Oct 2, 2016
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26 October 2017
21 November 2017
Landed as a PR 13 December 2017 (In Canada since 2015)
Hi Guys.
As of today the second background check (security screening) has been ongoing 4 months and 11 days. It started on 25 January 2017. I am wondering:
a- what this security screening include?
b- who (which institution / institutions) conduct it or are CIC's stakeholders?
c- whether there is a time limitation for it?
d- according which the criteria are applicants chosen for this (deep) screening?
e- what is its practical function ("bad people do not need PR to do bad things" logic)?
f- why is it not a transparent process?
g- what is the methodology of this screening (how is it conducted: data-base check, agent check on the ground etc)?
h- is there any supervisor check for it (in case of too long time etc.)?
i- what are the rights of applicants in this process?
Of course we do not have any sufficient information to answer those questions with certainty since everybody who has to do with Canadian immigration knows that this is a process which we can call without any doubt a "black box". What, why, how, how long happens in this black box is not known. Though I know I am not able to influence the processing of this security screening process I still cannot hold back to question lots of things about it because it is a powerful factor that influence my and my family's life fundamentally. It is an annoying feeling that some people "check you" in order to make a decision about if you will be able to immigrate to Canada as landed immigrants and more importantly, how long does it approximately take. By the way, there is a correlation between a good functioning democratic state (rule of law) and sufficient providing of information about its bureaucratic procedures for its residents (whatever bureaucratic procedure it is). In general terms, the more transparent is the bureaucratic procedure, the more democratic (according being client-friendly) it is and the higher is its life quality. This is a generally accepted fact in political science and public administration.
We are 1- residents of Canada, 2- taxpayers, 3- clients of CIC (who even pay for the service that they should provide). Moreover we are valuable immigrants (some of which like me are selected by their provincial governments to become landed immigrants) who potentially or currently contribute its economic and social development. All of us without any particular exception are valuable and useful for Canada, and not only we are interested in Canada but also Canada is interested in us - with other words, benefit on immigration cannot be considered as a one-way-road.
My point is, those who have been waiting for their PPR/PR for over 6 months should take action, and more importantly, they should get organized - a WhatsApp group or so would be a good start because we definitely need to exchange information and finally do something together and well organized in order to protect our interests.
I am really bad in opening a WhatsApp group, but I think there are quite qualified and talented people here in the forum who could do it in minutes. Again, it is important, guys. Nobody even know about the problem that we are facing. We should make people aware of this problem. Even my Canadian friends/colleagues consider the delay I am facing as an exception or explain it with too many applications etc. and when I explain them that there are numerous people waiting over 6 months (and some of which even wait over a year) they are shocked. We should inform Canadian public with this existing and serious problem and not only try to help ourselves but also others coming after us. And more significantly, we should try to give a valuable feedback to Canadian immigration bureaucracy (including the Immigration Minister Hussey). There are a lot of ways we can use. I can hear that some forum-people already say it won't work and we can't change anything, but what do we have to lose?
Please think about it and please consider this.
With this opportunity I wish you guys all a speedy PPR/PR and hope this message finds you all well.