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advice needed

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by flaurier, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Thanks to this site I found out about this new pathway to Canada.
    I am a born canadian citizen with 4 kids and an elderly mother who has recently bec
    ome in need of a psw. I could also use a live in child care worker.
    If I fill out the form as an employer can I bring my sister in law over as my worker (she works in physio at the time being).
    What are the requirements for her to be able to bring her husband and two kids with her?
  2. You will find that bringing family members over for these jobs is very hard because of previous abuses in the system. It is seen as an easy way for people to immigrate. You would have a much better chance with someone who is not related to you.
  3. Thanks for your reply.
    That is too bad...I have trust issues and that is why I still haven't hired a PSW for my mom in Canada. I have been doing it all myself after the nurse visits from hospital ran out. I also have 4 kids that need before/after care (right now my dad is doing it). Ugh. thanks for your reply.
  4. do you know if they have to have a certain amount of money before they come?
  5. You are the one who will need to show that you have sufficient income to cover your sister's salary, as well as living expenses for your dependents (your parents and children).

    You'll also need to show that you have a large enough house (i.e. enough bedrooms) to accommodate your sister if she is going to be living with you.

    BTW - I'm assuming your mother and father live with you.

    I agree it's generally more difficult to get a visa approved for a relative. However some people certainly successed and you can certainly give it a try. Note that if she is approved, it's not guaranteed that her children and spouse will be as well. So just something to consider.
  6. My employer is my sister. She hired me as a nanny for my nephew. Why she's going to hired somebody if she can hire a member from her family right?

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