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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by bundori, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. I mailed in the package to cic for permanent residence sponsorship to CPC, Vegreville, ALberta. over a week, did not see notification of signed recipt (via registered mail)

    now i just realized that there is an address that goes

    CPC Vegreville
    Permanent Residence Applications
    6212-55th Avenue
    Vegreville, AB
    T9C 1W3

    I wrote the address per the documnet checklist
    and hence left out PRA 6212 55th Avenue

    1. would it have gotten over there eventually just in a different dpt for now
    2. would post office see that and know that is with the packages for those with the addresses
    3. with the return address on my package, likely it would just get sent back to me?
    4. If it goes there (post office is smart enough), would anyone be there to constantly sign for all the packages?

  2. Hope somebody has an answer to one or all of the 4 q's

    much merci.
  3. Hi

    The Post Office knows where the processing centre is in Vegreville, it only has a population of 5400 and the CPC is the biggest employer.


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