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Activating PR at Detroit -Windsor border with expired US visa

Discussion in 'H-1B Holders in the U.S.' started by pseetha, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Hi, I am planning to get my PR activated by a soft landing by road through Detroit - Windsor border on a weekend. My US H1b Visa is expired but my I94 is still active(have valid I 797 extension).

    Would I have any issues in the above border at the US side, when I go to activate my PR since my Visa is expired but have a valid I-94 through automatic re-validation option?How do I prove to the US customs when I come back that, I did not stay for more than 30 days in Canada(though I would be back to US on the same day)?

    Any experience/ suggestions?
  2. No problem. I did it last week at Niagara falls. They have records from Canadian side, they will not ask you anything.
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  3. Thanks. How about the visa expired but with valid i94 related question? Does anyone have experience with that?
  4. Yes, I used AVR to return. They know about it, just hand them your passport and extension notice.
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  5. Thanks so much buddy
  6. Hello,
    I am planning soft landing this month end by road via Niagara falls, can you please suggest if we need to do this only on tuesday to thursday 8:00am to midnight. Please suggest. Thanks
  7. If you are a resident of the US (or any other country), then you can do it at any time/any day. The restrictions only apply to residents of Canada who are trying to flagpole (travel to US and return immediately just to become PRs)
  8. Thank you for reply, i will be travelling for New Jersey, so i think PR application can be processed / done even if I reach in night time at Niagara border on Monday or Sunday.
  9. As long as the border is open for at Canadian side then they will process your PR(doesnt matter on the time of the day). PR landing is part of the tasks hence no separate timings. Niagara border is open 24/7 on both sides.
  10. Thank you
    Thank you Harirajmohan.
    Can you please suggest, while we exit USA by road at Niagara do USA Border security stamp our passport or do there is any process at USA Side. Also when we exit Canada do Canada Border Security stamp passport or any process while exiting Canada I never crossed country borders by Car hence queried. Thank you
  11. No, no process - you just drive right into Canada and CBSA stops you. US CBP doesn't do anything.

    It's the same on the way back - you drive into the US and CBP stops you. CBSA doesn't do anything,
  12. Thank you!!

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