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Accomodation for a single occupant in Toronto

Discussion in 'Housing' started by June_77, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Just pointing out that there are better deals out there and that your consultanats was providing you with a hook-up. Want others to know that you can arrange all these things by yourself. In Canada you can get your SIN at the airport most of the time.

    Would look at websites like kijiji, viewit.ca, etc. In an aread like Bramptom or in South Asian communities you nay be able to find things in your local ethnic publication or even word or mouth. You can also drive around and apartment buildings will show if they have vacancies and provide contact numbers.
  2. ok, thanks.
  3. As per Ontario Tenant laws asking for Bank statement and advance payment on rent (other than first and last month) is illegal. You should be reporting them if you have a written text message or email from such landlords. This also includes any sort of deposits like key deposit or damage deposit.
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  4. Just check KIJIJI, you will find hundreds asking same thing from tenant's.

    Good Luck
  5. Think tenants are the ones offering to provide bank statements or pay multiple months in advance if they are not working.
  6. I agree.
    One of my friend has given 5 months advance, just they do not have any job.
  7. Thats what I am saying. It's not legal, yet landlord's insist on those documents. Firstly, they are charging exorbitant rent in GTA area which has gone up almost 50% since 2017. In addition they want upfront rent cheque's, credit checks and if thats not enough a key or damage deposit. Majority of these landlord's do not have rental agreements with tenants and do not give rent receipts.
    There should be some sort of control over how much can landlord charge in a certain area. Right now it's becoming a big business and going out of control.
  8. Lots of incorrect statements. Rental rates have not gone up 50% since 2017. They have gone up because of lack of supply ans because rental rates had not increased to meet the cost of housing. They still haven't. Most landords certainly sign leases and will provide receipts if asked. This is to protect themselves more than anything. It is nornal to ask for first and last months rent and post dated cheques for the year although cheqyes are no longer used and bank transfers are more common these days. Costs of home ownership are high in Toronto and most landlords are not making huge profits. Many break even. In terms of refundable deposits they are necessary or landlords don't get things like FOBs or mail keys back.

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