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Accomodation for a single occupant in Toronto

Discussion in 'Housing' started by June_77, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Hi members,

    I am moving from India to Canada in October. I am looking for an apartment in the Toronto area with easy connectivity to public transport.

    Can someone please share contact information of dependable real estate agents who can guide me through the renting process & help me find my first home in Canada.

  2. Most real estate agents won’t be able to help you rent apartments. Many apartment buildings have application processes. If you are looking for something more expensive like a condo a real estate agent will likely be able to help. Would suggest you look on viewit.ca or kijiji.ca.
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  3. Hi,

    Most of the Toronto area's are very well connected to transit.
    All you need is your budget, type of accommodation, family size, preferred area etc.
    Many landlords (house/condo) now-a-days are demanding job letter, references, bank statement, 2-5 months advance rent, Police verification etc.
    The best thing you can do is to move here initially in Airbnb or any temporary accommodation and probably look for one you are interested in once you are here.

    Good Luck
  4. thanks, I have booked a "guest house" through my agent for 30 days in brampton. will look for something for longer term once I am there.
  5. Would have looked at Airbnb. Booking things through agents means he is getting a commission and not necessarily looking out for your own interests unfortunately.
  6. Yes, now a days AirBnb is better option. As you can find places as per your budget. But may be your deal is even better than AirBnB.

    Would you mind to share, how much you had to pay for the guest house for 30 days. and which site you used. I would also like to compare.

  7. I booked through my consultant, WWICS, it cost 1,500 CAD for 30 days. 1 bedroom/bath with, kitchen to be shared with other occupants, also includes pickup from airport, 1 trip to bank, 1 trip for SIN & 1 trip for groceries.
  8. Would encourage others to look for their own accommodations. For sharing a kitchen and not your own private apartment you could have done much better. I assume this is also a pretty suburban area.
  9. i think its a good package. just follow up with this consultant. sometime they promise more things.

    But, if you (and this is for everyone whos is in similar situation) look into other options as @canuck mentioned. you can save some money. you can remove some of the extra features. such as airport pickup or trip to grocery. you can easily do it with google map and Bus service. SIN is at airport only and part of landing process. with one room and shared kitchen you get other different options. obviously it depends on the location you are looking.
  10. can you give me the agent number
  11. it is in brampton.
  12. $1500 for a room and bathroom in a shared house or basement apartment is not really a great deal. Bramptom is prettt close to th airport so a taxi wouldn't be extremely expensive and a trip to the grocery store is east to arrange. You can likely walk or shop while doing other errands. Just want ro make it clear that the consultant and hosts are likely making quite a lot of money. I would negotiate these packages especially if you only get a room and not your own apartment.
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  13. Thanks for your information. Actually i want to move Howden Road, Scarborough. I am looking for bachelor room with below $700.
  14. That may be tough.
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  15. it is only a temporary accommodation. I will look for something more permanent when I am there. any tips on where to look & how much I can expect to pay for a single bedroom kind of apartment or basement.

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