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A little help

Layla Fahad

Hero Member
Dec 29, 2017
I'm a bit confused on few things here as its my first time applying online for VISA.
I am visiting my daughter in Mississauga
She has recently escaped out of an abusive marriage and needs my moral support to be there for her.
I don't plan to stay more than 3 weeks as I have 3 young adult children who depend on me and my husband whom i'll be leaving behind for a while.
I will bear my own expenses for travel
Now a few things I want to ask are:

1. I am unable to list all my children in the form due to lack of space, so I have created a different word doc for remaining children. that word doc should be uploaded in the optional document section where it says client information right?
Should I also upload a cover letter there? related to my application? is cover letter necessary?
My property documents, my marriage certificate and my children's birth certificate (to show ties to home country) should also be upload in that section right?
if yes, all this goes in 1 single document because we can only upload 1

2. Can anyone help me with travel itinerary as we will only be mother and daughter and my main purpose is family visit, not tourism.
How can I show them my return ticket without paying for one? (to get strong chances to receive visa as its very important)
Also, what is proof of medical appointment

Thanks everyone.