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72 units required for canada

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by shirel baldeo, May 31, 2011.

  1. hi to everyone...

    i need a possible answer of my case..i have 96 units in my transcript but the problem is i taken three courses for that 96 units..the first course when i was still single and i stopped in my studies.. after 5 years i decided to continue but i change my course into pc operation which i stay for one semester cos i found it out that they remove it already so i need to shift again and i taken business administration..life in philippines is so hard so when i got an opportunity to work in hongkong i grab it.. but then some of my friend encourage me to apply in canada which is need 72 units but im not sure if im qualified to apply in canada...pls i need an advice...thank you spending time to read my post...

  2. its ok.if its 96 units then u'll be fine, me i only got 79units before (2 course)...they count whats in the transcript ok.relax....
  3. how about questioning why i had 3 course? thanks for the encouraging reply. im just worried that they might question my transcript for having different courses...im hoping things will be ok once they verify it.
  4. nope they just count the credits....they dont care about your 3 course...it'll show in your transcript anyway whats last course you take...as long as you have 96 its more than enough..told u mine is just enough 79units...
  5. I was inspired by your concerns,for i got two courses too and quite scared to apply in canada because maybe they wont accept my papers. So, was things going with u? Is there any trouble when u applied before? Thank u for your time. ;D
  6. kailangan ba talaga ng 72 units in college? sabi ksi ng employer ko sa canada some highschool lng nman education requirements nila for food counter attendant meaning khit 2nd year hs (canada) or 4rth year hs grad (phil) pwede daw. di ba ako papasa?or jan lng sa pinas ako di papasa? balak ko kasi sa dubai mag apply
  7. How about my case guys...i only have 50 units in my previous course then after i enrolled hrm that takes for 1 year and 1 sem but sad to say our registrar told me that its was converted by hours not by unit..can i still qualified? I am very confuse and im afraid if the embassy will going to deny my application. As of now my lmo is already in process so please answer my question before i spend too much money in my application..thank you in advance...
  8. Hi everyone!!!
    Im currently here in hongkong...i finish 3yrs. In college with 2 university,,in my 1st school i finish 1 yr. 2006-2007 then i stop.....after 6 yrs i continue my study and get all my transfer credential to my past school and enroll the same course...i just finish 2yrs 2013-2015 bec. I decided to stop for aplying here in hongkong as domestic helper....and i am 2yrs. And 2months now and im planning to apply in canada.... my question is :am i qualified to apply in canada as a nanny with my 3yrs. In college with 2 university and 2yrs 2months experience here in hongkong??
    Thank you so much if anyone reply...
  9. i just want to ask is your course different and you did not used the credentials in one
  10. Hello
    I would like work in Canada . I have done graduation. as fresher I want to work there

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