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Lil Mu

Aug 27, 2021
So it means that E-COPR’s expiry date will be the same as the PR Card expiry date. Can somebody confirm this?
It’s a bit surprising if they issue a PR card to be valid only for 6 months.
eCoPR shares the same expired date with your passport
PR card usually goes 5-year.

My passport and ecopr expire 2022/01, my pr card is valid till 2026

If you linked your pr card application, you will see your PR document status once they approved and mailed your card

BTW, don't worry about the ecopr expire date, I dont think it's relevent since people are doing virtual landing inside Canada
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Nov 26, 2021
I received my AOR last week. I have been requested to submit proof of income, I'm not currently working and have paystubs of before employers. is that enough? Is employer letter required?


Nov 11, 2021
Hi, we havent received PR confirmation yet but we would be on the same situation as you are. I am just wondering if you received any update? Will your child receive PR card in the Philippines?

Giving an update on our situation - after 2 days from receiving our eCOPR, we got a message (in the CIC website) for the passport request. Our son now has a PR visa that he can use to enter Canada. He will have an "actual" landing since he's outside Canada so his COPR will be provided to him by the Immigration officer in Canada.
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Apr 26, 2021
Hi, With respect to picture upload, do we have upload front side only or the back side of the picture also. In picture requirements, they are saying that name, date of birth and date of pic take and where it was taken to be mentioned on back of pic. Any advice would be appreciated?
I uploaded just the front and got my E-COPR.
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Star Member
Nov 26, 2021
No I got AOR from sydney but I called them today they saud that my file is approved and its in whitehorse for the portal
Did anything change in your ircc account yet,because I also got aor from Sydney, ADR in review since November 10 after that nothing in online account