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2 self-addressed mailing labels, which type of mail should I send?

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by spring2009, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. CIC requires 2 self-addressed mailing labels included in the application.
    Can you tell me which type of mail I should send along with the application?
    Should I send priority, express, or regular mail?

    Specifically, I am living in the US, so can anyone also living in the US suggest me which type? FedEx express, priority, UPS... ?

    By the way, which type of mail you send your application?

    Of course, express one is the best but it costs the most. But is it really necessary?

  2. mailing labels are something you create. Look under common questions, i wrote out how i did it.

    I sent in my application using normal USPS to sydney and priority or something more expensive than normal to Buffalo later (only because it had documents in it).
  3. The letter from Sydney comes in a small envelope with a window from which your address printed on the letter can be read. In my case, they had attached the label in my native country's language on it as well using scotch tape, so if you print the labels on special label paper (sticker), they might be happier! Just do not use very large font size! Mine hardly fit on the envelope!
  4. did they use the english label too? I am wondering how Canadian postal service knew that it should come to your country if it is in another language. Your info is helpful because many people have been asking about this address label.
  5. They did not use the English one. The address (in English) they typed on the top left corner of the letter could be seen through the window on the envelope.

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