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    ***>>> January 2020 AOR <<<***

    Does your account show that the medicals have been extended ? Or you came to know just via the webform?
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    Did your earlier medical expire n you gave it again ? If so, did they ask for it or they extended the old one ?
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    >>>>>>>>>APRIL 2020 AoR Discussion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Okay.. so all Indian files processed in India ?
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    >>>>>>>>>APRIL 2020 AoR Discussion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    AOR: April’20 (FSW-Outland) India called ircc today n finally got connected after 20 days. But they said they don’t have info on my file as its being processed in New Delhi VO n they hav info on only files being processed inside Canada. Is it true ? Or she just hushed me ?
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    >>>>>>>>>>January 2021<<<<<<<<<< AoR Join here

    Ghost update.. its when u open your account it says updated but there is no change
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    Best to go to your university and let them know they’ve been sent docs and request them to process at the earliest. Also, explain to them that you need it for immigration
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    >>>>>>>>>APRIL 2020 AoR Discussion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    You can’t call them from outside of Canada since ‘bad luck’ Covid hit
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    Medical Expiration Date

    Do medicals expire on the date they were done or on the date they got uploaded and is shown on your application. For eg i did my medicals in April but the date it shows in my account is May.. anyone ?
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    >>>>>>>JUNE 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Congratulations.. i wish i was in the same boat as you with confirmation.. anyway.. fingers crossed.. hoping for the best
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    Brother m an outland applicant and i applied an year ago and i’ve seen no update watsoever on my application so far.. infact they are only processing inland candidates so far n outlanders are stuck waiting for a chance to take a step towards their hopeful future in Canada.. Peace
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    Unable to get Biometric appointment since 75 days

    If u are not able to get it booked for some rason, ask your agent to do it for you. We also hav a lot of cafes in India that help you fill out online forms n applications, you can go n ask them. Otherwise, you can try booking from a different phone or laptop. Sometimes the issue lies with the...
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    Express Entry << INDIAN >> applicants

    Considering getting a medical done isnt that difficult, as u easily get a date booked, i’d suggest u wait n see if they ask u for it.
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    Progress Bar.

    Does the status bar progress as your file progresses or is it just linked with time and progresses as the days go on ?
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    Forgot to note all travel history

    I traveled after submitting my application. Do i have to update my travel history?
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    Are FSW-O Applications frozen?

    True.. dont expect any progress untill they announce that they’ve started processing outland applications. Covid has now become an excuse to delay things all around the world.