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    How to attach additional documents (PCC) after submitting EE Application to CIC

    I am in the same situation . Can you fill schedule_4 form upfront and submit it along with CSE the first time you submitted? Also what did you enter in client id and Consultant ICCRC number ? I
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    WES - Secondary school diploma and diploma (two years) meaning in Canadian edu.

    Please reply did you get any answer to this question ? Finally what did you choose ?
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    1 diploma + 1 degree = 1 post-sec credential only?!

    I have done my diploma (3 years ) after 10th and degree 3 years (direct admission to 2nd year) . ECA report says diploma (2 years) + degree (4years). What should i choose in level of education : For diploma should i select "secondary diploma(high school) " OR "two year program at...