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    FILE TRANSFERRED FROM MOSCOW TO WARSHAW 2014,,,Warshaw processing time

    There's a thread about Warsaw processing times already. Do a search on the forum.
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    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    Well I have some results to post which are relevant to anyone who is sponsoring a Russian spouse whose application was sent to Warsaw. In short, my wife received her COPR today (Picked up her passport from the Moscow VO today). The time line that took place for us is just that.... the time...
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    Romanian Timeline - In Process

    No there is no problem between Russia and Canada..... if you look carefully they are processing Family Class sponsorships through Warsaw ONLY, every other type of Visa is processed through the Moscow VO. My guess would be to the processing time for FC sponsorships was taking too long at Moscow...
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    Romanian Timeline - In Process

    Lol. How long they take really is case dependent. It's impossible to say whether it will take 6 months or 8 months or more? If everything goes smooth and was done correctly on your end then it should be processed within the suggested time frame. As for when you start counting how many months...
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    Outland application through Warsaw office

    Interesting.... have you received an email from CIC requesting a scanned copy of all pages of her passport?