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    Open Work Permits (OWP)

    A similar situation regarding the visa being returned. I resent mine, mine arrived around a similar time as yours. I've been able to link my OWP. Just try to link it using your UCI, Family Name & passport info. I tried daily and it finally worked :) Edit: To answer your Q: No, they do not send...
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    Issues with Online Account: GCKey / Sign In Partner

    Try clearing your cache. You can do that via Settings in your browser. You can try a completely new browser, or from your phone too. If it's the same result from your phone.. Maybe create a new account and link the old application to the new account?
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    July 2020, Inland Spousal PR Applications

    Received SA and what I believe was AIP yesterday (pre-arrival followed, but inland so ignored). DM showing on ECAS for sponsor today. Heading to Vancouver on Friday for my medical.
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    ***September 2020 INLAND Spousal PR***

    Similar sitch - July, checking Sept as I am on a similar timeline as Sept. Question to your response though - I had my OWP app returned due to a missing $10, I resent it back to Edmonton as instructed but without the restoration fee. My working status expired last year, so does this mean they...
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    July 2020, Inland Spousal PR Applications

    Received MR today. There are no appointments close to me within the next 30 days, all are in August. It states to contact my VO if I cannot do it within 30d, how do I know which VO my application is in? I am expecting Mississauga, but trying to confirm.
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    Hi, I was wondering how I know if my biometrics are "approved"? anybody know?
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    Worker to Visitor and Worker again. 5710e

    Hi, did you also tick the restore my status as a worker option?
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    Inland OWP application rejected

    Hi there, did you make any adjustments to the package, just resent it with updated fees? I've had mine returned, thankfully I'm on maintained status due to a pending visitor visa. I am resubmitting it tomorrow to Edmonton. It was sent back for missing fees (even though I paid the full $255..)
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    Hi there, I've had my OWP returned due to "insufficient" fees, yet the fees are all there.. paid in full with a breakdown too. We paid all of the fees ($255) for the OWP. This seems like a mistake/misunderstanding from the officer for sure. I am redoing the application now to send it off - do...
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    July 2020, Inland Spousal PR Applications

    We finally received AOR! Such a relief.
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    imm5669 Question

    Hey, All sorted. Thanks Curtis.
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    Question regarding documents/forms

    Thanks from my partner and I, this was helpful. If anybody reading this would be so kind to let us know how they went about doing this, that would be appreciated!
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    Question regarding documents/forms

    BUMP! Would love some info. Thanks, Curtis.
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    Question regarding documents/forms

    Hey! When submitting documents for proof of address, joint accounts, purchases, do I need to photocopy/print the entire page, showing bank account numbers and other private or irrelevant information? Or should I crop it and show just what I need? Or print the whole page and blackout bank...
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    Hi! I have just entered Canada on a Temporary Work Permit (IEC/WHV) and am living with my girlfriend. I am going to be traveling to America for less than a week to see a couple of my friends. My girlfriend is worried that due to me leaving so quickly it might be an issue. I arrived on the 1st...
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    Submitting Travel Documents

    Hey, I need to submit my passport for my work permit. It's asking for stamped pages etc. How do I upload multiple photos? With that, will having 15+ stamps from Canada & America (combined) cause an issue? Thanks!
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    IEC / WHV - Employment

    Hey, I applied for my IEC on Friday and was successfully invited today (from the UK)! I am currently filing out some of the forums and it's asking for employment history. I haven't worked for 10 years, merely 3-4 years of paid work. Do I need to put myself as a Student prior to those dates...
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    IEC (WHV) - Question

    I read that this site is a huge blessing.. Applied for my IEC on Friday, got invited about 30 mins ago. 10/10 website.
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    IEC (WHV) - Question

    Appreciate the response, might be too late, but not giving up hope! And I'd love to tell you but I honestly can't remember, I was just scrolling around.
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    IEC (WHV) - Question

    Hey, I am a British Citizen. I was just browsing around and I found on a post on another site that an application was rejected because they hadn't stayed in the UK for 18 months of the last 36. I have not moved to any other countries rather I have travelled alot, to both Canada & America...