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    AOR to PPR Timeline

    My travel history was very huge. I had listed travels to not only "safe" countries but also to unsafe middle eastern countries. I don't think travel history would cause any form of delay in processing an application.
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    Information letter- processing time complete

    For me it took exactly 28 days until I saw an update on my account after my VO had received my documents. When did you send your documents?
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    New applicant

    It all starts with this website
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    AOR to PPR Timeline

    Agreed! Jordan should be regarded as a peaceful country. But just as an extra, while I was waiting for my copr I saw alot of Indians get copr before me. And India is one of the countries with the most applicants. But at the same time I have also seen many Indians wait more than 6 months.
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    AOR to PPR Timeline

    Not the case at all! I am from Sweden and not many apply from here. But I saw alot of people from countries with many applicants get their copr before me. I am also not sure if the above commentator is correct about it may taking longer coz you are from a ME country. During my wait, I saw many...
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    Guys help me regarding my status

    You can find current processing times on the CIC website. Just google CIC processing times
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    Bank of America: Proof of Funds letter

    I don't have an account with BoA. But I asked my bank if I could get a letter stating the debts I have. This they agreed on, and since I don't have any debts the letter just stated 0 in debts.
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    Bank of America: Proof of Funds letter

    I had one additional piece of information in my proof of funds letter, and it was a statement saying that I do not have any debts. As I recall it, last year when I submitted my documents, this piece of info was necessary. Not sure if it has changed now. But apart from that, your PoF looks fine!
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    Transport from Toronto Airport for first time landing

    There are three different type of taxi car stations at the airport. At one floor you have stations for regular taxi cars and vans, and on the next floor you have the Uber station. I think you should all be able to fit inside a van. No prebooking is needed.
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    Cost of immigration to Canada

    That sounds about right. I think the whole process cost me about 1800 USD.
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    Passport request letter - Appendix A

    If there are no kids involved in the application then you can just leave it blank.
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    Immigration Medical Examination

    Just fill in the forms and do another medical examination.
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    >>>>>>>>May 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    Take it from someone who has already gone through the process. Take this time to spend more time with family and friends. Coz as soon as you land in Canada you won't be seeing any of them.
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    >>>>JANUARY 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    It could be that. However you can check the CIC website which visa office is your local visa office. Also know that, sometimes due to workload they redistribute the applications to other offices. So even if London is working on your file now, they might be doing the work of your actual visa office.
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    Guys help me regarding my status

    Don't worry about it. I got mine passed the next day, but I know of many that had to wait almost 2 weeks until it was passed. Besides, biometrics is nothing that you can fail at anyway.
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    Guys help me regarding my status

    Biometrics can take everything from a day to a week or more before it is marked as passed after submission. Yes, this means that they are working on your file. But, each step in the application takes time, so just be patient. Even tho they might be working on this step now, as soon as it passes...
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    >>>>JANUARY 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    LVO is Local Visa Office and CIO is Central Intake Office. Usually, LVO's process the last parts of your application.