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  1. knight17

    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    I don't have an answer for your question, but I also have February 23 2019 AOR and same pattern of ghost updates as you, i.e., one after MEP and another one after the submission of biometrics. I am planning to order GCMS Notes in a week's or so time and that's what I'd suggest you as well if you...
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    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    They ask you to try the new beta site you linked, but the new site do not yet handle IRCC GCMS requests, so they will redirect you back to the original ATIP Request site. So order from the old site at:
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    My AOR over 10 months

    Congratulations on getting PPR.
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    December 2018 AOR - join here

    That is indeed the case. Sorry, I was wrong. You don't have to give biometrics.
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    December 2018 AOR - join here

    Haven't you received message to submit your biometrics? If not please contact IRCC via webform. Usually BCL is sent at the time of MEP. Sometimes they sent biometric requests but you don't receive it because of system problems, sometimes they don't send you the request at the time of MEP but at...
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    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    I just looked at the screenshot I saved when I received Biometrics request. The Biometrics line says: "We need your fingerprints to process your application. Check your messages below for details". There will also be a message in your MyCIC account with subject Biometrics Collection Letter...
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    Reasons for Rejection

    If they have refused you then the best option is to create a new profile, be in the pool, get an invitation and submit another complete application.
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    Reasons for Rejection

    The onus is on you to provide all the relevant documents. Send the updated / relevant documents ASAP by using web form:
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    Reasons for Rejection

    Why did you submit application without a reference letter? Of course, you should get the reference letters in the prescribed format, and submit a new application: Document requirements The personalized document checklist in applicants’ online account prompts the applicant with an upload...
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    help regarding document

    If you want to claim that experience when you are filing for Express Entry, you need to get the roles and responsibilities letter to agree with one of the NOC codes. Otherwise it will be difficult to get those points. If you can't get official letters you could try getting them from your...
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    PPR Process Clarification

    When your application is approved they will send PPR or Passport Request e-mail. Then you will have to submit it to your local VFS Global office. You will receive your paspport with CoPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence).
  12. knight17

    Organizing documents after ITA?

    For medicals you need to get an appointment with a panel physician. Find panel physician in your country:
  13. knight17

    ADR 48 days after AOR, no update on medicals

    Thanks for your explanation, it makes sense.
  14. knight17

    Bank certificate in black and white

    Get the signature of the manager in a blue coloured ink, also, if they have coloured stamps, get that on the statement. That will prove you have scanned it in colour.
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    Security: Not started

    Here is what I got from another thread on S19: In short: s. 15(1): Means SECURITY information has been withheld from PA, then CIC has protected that info with s. 15 s. 19(1): Means PERSONAL information has been withheld from PA. This information might have come from an ongoing investigation...
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    December 2018 AOR - join here

    Thank you for the answer. I have not called them so I didn't know that the agents do not have this information but it makes sense.
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    E-AOR in Feb 2019 - FSW category

    Oh, thanks for clearing that. Do you know whether we can add someone as designated individual after sending/filing the application?
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    Security: Not started

    I think you got this information from your GCMS notes but you have not mentioned it. Is it 'Eligibility' that you've passed? Sections like criminality and security usually takes the longest as that relies on information sharing with other countries on pertinent points. So you'll have to wait...
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    What materials did you use to prepare for the CELPIP exams? In the case of IELTS the preparation materials are plenty: YouTube, websites, groups, and so on. How is the case for CELPIP?
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    Fixing an account in view of PPR

    If you mean you want to convert your savings/checking account to time/fixed deposits, I think it is okay. If they ask for POF again in an ADR, you can show the bank statement showing the movement of money and the receipt of your deposits along with an LOE stating that they can be readily...