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    CEC Applicants - MAY 2021 - timeline & updates

    I havent given my biometrics yet but they do send it instantly. GCKey will show that its updated on biometric, will show your full name.
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    CEC Applicants - MAY 2021 - timeline & updates

    AOR May 08 Got BIL and Medical passed on may 31st
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    CEC Applicants - MAY 2021 - timeline & updates

    CEC Inland ITA. April 17 Upfront medical April 29 AoR. May 08
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    Express entry documents requirements

    Hello guys, I got my ITA for NOC 6313 and i was only asked to provide employment records for my job. It didnt ask me for offer letter or anything, just want to confirm if its a common or is there any discrepancy in my profile. And also if anyone have a sample reference letter for 6313 please...
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    Need Help

    Hey there, I am currently in Saskatchewan as a student doing 1 year Business Management in Saskatchewan Polytechnic. I am planning to do second year program of supply chain management also of 1 year. Should i go with the second year course and SINP or should i move to another province to study...
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    Course selection

    Hey there, Ive done bachelors in India and applied for post graduattion certificate course in mopse jaw Saskatchewan, i got the visa I m thinking of changing to university of regina but can i do undergraduate course again will it affect my permanent residency later on?