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  1. Raz0r

    Need help

    Be truthful and you will be fine, else be ready for consequences. Good luck.
  2. Raz0r

    Low CRS score to improve study in Canada

    The moment you lie and they find out then its gonna be downhill in no time. I always advice saying that the truth prevails and will eventually open a door. Good luck.
  3. Raz0r

    Any malayali here?

    If you got your degree from India, then WES has set a new rule of which the college needs to directly sent the credentials for WES to conduct assessment. No third-party assistance will be entertained. Good luck.
  4. Raz0r

    Do I need to declare my spouse's debts and financial statements?

    Better to declare everything rather to regret later. Good luck.
  5. Raz0r

    Transcript Agency in India for Maharashtra State Board

    Hi, As far as I know, if your degree is from India, then no third-party agencies can sent Transcripts to WES. It should be done directly by the candidate itself. Good luck.
  6. Raz0r

    The CRS 15 pts eligibility

    If you and your brother share the same parent's name on your passports, then I do not see any problem, that's my personal opinion. Good luck.
  7. Raz0r

    Work experience help

    Nope. Good luck.
  8. Raz0r


    Describe your CRS breakdown.
  9. Raz0r

    Police caution in Canada

    From the looks of it the OP is concealing something. Police just do not randomly stop and take information of people. Describe what was the alleged confusion in the mall.
  10. Raz0r

    I work 24hrs per week

    You would be working outside of school breaks right, you are indeed violating the study permit obligations. My advice would be to abstain from further breaking the law else the gravity of the situation will be felt. Good luck.
  11. Raz0r

    Score :(

    Max out on your IELTS, learn French or try PNP options. Good luck.
  12. Raz0r

    List of recognised universities in India for distance learning??

    Please post your questions in the right forum section. This section is only for the Express Entry related queries.
  13. Raz0r

    Profile Ineligible

    You cannot use her as your Aunt, you will not receive the Adaptability points.
  14. Raz0r

    1 year continuous experience

    Why is it too much to understand about the "1-Year Continuous" Work Experience?? Even if you have worked for 9999 hours in the past one year, but have a gap inbetween (As in 8-months continuous, then gap, then rest), you are IN-ELIGIBLE. It should be 1-Year Continuous Work Experience. Please...
  15. Raz0r

    Doubts about Express entry

    Try to max-out on the IELTS, learn French or go for the PNP route. Good luck.
  16. Raz0r

    My band and re-evaluation

    You can try and see how it goes. No guarantees. Good luck.
  17. Raz0r

    Points Calculation -Professional Skilled points

    That's the FSW eligibility score calculation. What I was speaking about is the CRS calculation. CRS calculator ->
  18. Raz0r

    IELTS results

    Then better re-write it to improve your CRS. Please ensure you are calculating the CRS properly, use the official CRS calculator ->
  19. Raz0r

    anyone succeed with lmia?

    As per my knowledge I do not know of anyone getting a LMIA from offshore. Some websites claim they can get you a LMIA to raise the CRS point, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM, they are most likely fraudulent. Good luck.
  20. Raz0r

    Deported from USA. Am I eligible for CANADA PR?

    You can try applying, but be ready to face the end-result. Do not be disheartened, try to consult with an Immigration Lawyer as well. Good luck.