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    Driving license exchange
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    Exchange a Quebec driver’s license to an Ontario driver’s license

    Oh no, the QC driving record will only be used for the QC history. You will need to provide the extract of wherever you held that earlier license that you would have been able to exchange (plus old license photocopy or expired license, most likely). Again, give them a call to know for sure.
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    Exchange a Quebec driver’s license to an Ontario driver’s license

    Give them a call to ask and you'll know for sure, as there may be subtle differences depending on the exact situation. However, in general: If your previous (pre-QC) driving experience is from a country that has an exchange agreement with ON (list on the page you linked: USA, Australia, Austria...
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    Residency obligation short daughter to come to Canada to study

    I could be wrong but wouldn't it be possible to make the case that she didn't have a lot of influence over which parent to stay with and/or that it was in the teen's best interest to stay with the mom+extended family rather than with her student/employed father by himself? They (IRCC) may also...
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    Residency obligation short daughter to come to Canada to study

    Not commenting on the likelihood of success of H&C (no idea), but another option may be for her to renounce her PR (or it gets revoked) then you sponsor her as your dependent child? While the 2 processes are unlikely to be completed by September, it will at least give you both a sense of...
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    PR expiring while stuck abroad

    There is nothing IRCC can do for you preemptively (they can't give you an exemption from the rules/law, can't act on an expiring card unless you submit a renewal application, etc.), hence the non-specific replies you're getting from them. They would probably advise you to return ASAP, and remind...
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    Baby born outside Canada-childcare?

    Private medical insurance would cover emergencies, while well visits would have to be paid out of pocket. The rate will depend on the city and the practice. Very broadly I would say 50-100 per visit + vaccinations cost which is probably in a similar range. Visit frequency is typically every 6...
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    US citizen in Canada (PR) working for US company as an FTE paid into US Bank

    Prefacing this by stating the obvious about my being just another guy on the Internet and that the following wall of text is only the result of personal experience + some research done at discrete points in time with a specific situation and set of parameters in mind. Take it with a grain of...
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    US citizen in Canada (PR) working for US company as an FTE paid into US Bank

    So I did some quick checking and it seems that that in certain (most?) states, state income tax will still get withheld (based on which state the employer is in) and you may actually owe taxes as a non-resident. I'd suggest looking at the specific rules for the state where the company is in...
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    US citizen in Canada (PR) working for US company as an FTE paid into US Bank

    In general, you self-report to the CRA your US income and US income tax paid and the rest happens automatically (the software computes total taxes owed on said, + other, income, minus any credits for the "foreign" tax paid to the US, and ask for the difference, if any). Just make sure you hang...
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    First time income tax filling

    You became a tax resident of Canada when you actually moved, i.e. December 5th. On the tax forms you will have to report: a) Income from all sources (Canadian and foreign) since you became a tax resident (so December 5th to 31st) -> This is taxable by CRA, with possible credits given for foreign...
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    If you have to travel to be with your mother/family then just do what you have to do. I don’t think contacting IRCC upfront would help in any way, especially that you’re not sure whether you’d be gone for weeks or months. If they ask while you’re away (or request the routine “proof of...
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    my tax resident status after soft landing and buying a cottage

    I would ask for the CRA's opinion if I were you - takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of it. Start here:
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    Quebec spousal sponorship or Federal?

    I am not sure what you mean by "apply from quebec". Apply via Quebec's sponsorship program now? Or apply through the non-Quebec stream while you're still living in QC? They are two different processes (Quebec vs non-Quebec), each with its own set of requirements, document checklists, and...
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    do i have to pay tax for 2020 after soft landing?

    You get taxed from the day you become a "tax resident", which usually happens the day you establish "significant ties' like a place of residence (rented or owned), or have a spouse/dependents residing in Canada. Merely landing and opening a bank account in themselves are not considered...
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    Quebec spousal sponorship or Federal?

    Pre-Covid average was around 11-12 months for a straight-forward Federal application, and maybe 14-16 for a Quebec one. Due to Covid, however, there was an almost complete standstill from March till late August (approximately), which obviously added some 6 months to most people's wait time...
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    Transferring money from sale of property in India to Canada

    Assuming you are already a tax resident of Canada: 1. You have to report the sale of property on your tax return. 2. Whether the gain is taxable or not will depend on whether it was your "principal residence" or not. 3. Another factor that may influence things: the value of the property when you...
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    Quebec spousal sponorship or Federal?

    You're welcome. I don't know for sure, but I know that all outland spousal applications are sent to the same office and then they get distributed to the respective visa office for further processing. I don't think the province of residence influences processing time (excluding Quebec...
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    Quebec spousal sponorship or Federal?

    I think you should first figure out what it is you want to do (stay in QC, move to SK, move to ON/elsewhere), do it, and then apply based on that. It may take you a couple of months to do it (for the actual move, establishing the proper paper trail, etc) but it will be better than applying...
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    Tax on money transferred from US savings account to Canada

    OP's question is about savings, which aren't taxable. The link you posted is about income, which is -with few exceptions- taxable of course.