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    Any Question on Express Entry---i will try to answer

    if you've raised eca for both degrees and the canadian equivalent shows the same then you can claim as 2 or more certificates
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    the gap doesnt matter as long as your employer reference letters from both companies account for the 1560 hours. also they have to be in the same noc, otherwise it's not considered 1 year.
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    Settlement Funds - Expert Advise Required

    ok to use joint accounts, doesnt matter if you're the principal as long as you're named as the account owner. funds should be in the account for at least 6months, if you create a new joint account (like when you add your name to your spouse's account) then make sure the statement says that the...
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    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    if mag order ka 1mo din aabutin ng gcms. bear in mind, normal processing for ee is 6mos from aor. pasok ka pa din sa timeline kelangan lang talaga is patience sa waiting game
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    oh i see... its just that you kept referring to the "spouse" so i assumed they were already married. i agree if they're not married then disregard that latter portion
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    FSW Outland - Let's connect here

    seems that they're maxing out the 6 month period for ee. just be patient guys...there are only a handful of fsw outland who were lucky enough to get their pprs in 12 weeks or less. most of us have taken longer. there's no use stressing over the lack of movement, your pprs will come eventually :)
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    FSWP 2014 PINOY aspirants let's connect here

    hi all... does anyone know where to get the best ticket rates for march or april 2016 toronto bound? planning to visit the travel fair this coming weekend at smx moa but i'd like to browse online first before going there. so far got rates from sapphireskiestravel at facebook. the rates are...
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    PPR after RPRF payment?

    yes, i paid mine upfront. eitherway, it doesnt guarantee that the application will move quicker
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    you need to declare your spouse even if she will not accompany you, otherwise this can be considered misrepresentation. if you decide to claim points for her then she needs to get ielts and/or wes. but whether or not you claim points for her she still needs to do medical.
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    PPR after RPRF payment?

    yep, im seeing a lot more people with aors during the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2015 which is probably why they've maxed out the 6mo processing time. those from the 1st and 2nd qtr 2015 had ppr around 4mos from aor... im not complaining tho :) if you're sept aor you'll get your bg check (and...
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    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    depende po if pnp ang aim nyo best to select yung province na yun lang. if aiming for fsw/fst naman po select all na lang. good luck!
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    if you're still working in canada then ask your employer for lmia so you can get additional 600pts. you can check the cec program under ee for details.
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    Depends on what program you're in. For FSW we count after AOR not ITA, PPR is around 5-6mos depending on your VO (very few take about 3mos or shorter). CEC is like 3mos or less. PNP depends on the province, some take longer than others. After PPR, visa stamping takes about 2-3weeks average...
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    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    guys may link kayo for coa? i understand it's not mandatory pero i heard from a friend na ok daw...and its free, so why not?!? :)
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    MPNP Application 2015 for FILIPINOS

    hi mpnp experts, my friend who wishes to remain anonymous wants to clarify something... he just landed last dec2015. after over 6weeks na walang work sa winnipeg may natangap syang offer sa ibang province. meron daw po bang issue dun? apart from maba-ban ung sponsor nya to sponsor again, i'm...
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    MPNP Application 2015 for FILIPINOS

    For exploratory visit spending money i read somewhere na it'll cost you about CAD5,000 for one week. Obviously this isnt fixed kasi it'll depend on your itinerary, hotel, and spending habit.
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    Applying two different province at the same time

    guys, please note that even if you apply at different programs or provinces, all of these will still go through CIC. pnp requires that you declare your intention to settle in one province, if you try to apply simultaneously at another province then that's misrepresentation which can lead to...
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    AOR in August 2015

    i see... cool, thanks! i guess its back to the waiting game until voh!
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    lowest score at the moment is 450, best to aim for that instead of 400. good luck!